Fluff- Have you named your vehicle?

by serendipity 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • Purza

    I personally have never named my vehicles. However, my boss does. She has Sylvia the Scion and Bruno the BMW.


  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    My Mini Cooper is named Cozette, and my motorcycle is name Drucilla

  • AudeSapere

    I used to work with someone who named all her cars. And she was a collector, of sorts.

    At the moment, the only one I can remember is: Blackzamous Maximus. Blackzamous for short.

    Wish I could remember the names of the others because they were funnier.


  • Confucious


    I know a brother that named his car after reading Stephen King's book "Carrie." (I think that was the name.)

    Anyway, this brother was a whack job and like had mental problems and all the like.

    But the word out on the "JW" street was that after he named his car that the car would do weird things like lock by itself and stuff.

    Who knows if it was true or not - but I did know the brother pretty well and it was his (our) friends that told the story about it.

    It was actually pretty common knowledge that that happenend at the time.

    I know that JW are big on Urban Legends and stuff, but this was pretty first hand - I guess for as first hand as possible for me.


  • oldflame

    I only name it when it breaks down " PIECE OF S$&T"

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I've never named any of my cars, but I've called them a few names when they've let me down.

  • morty

    good old Bessy.....I miss the old girl....

  • unclebruce

    several of my sisters had names for their cars which I thought was really really stupid!

    I eventually cracked and now have a Mitsubishi pick-up called "mr bishi", an excavator called "eric", a bobcat called "bob" and a firetruck called "fred"

  • Twitch

    I refer to my jeep as "Lil Burro" sometimes, affectionatly of course,....;-)

  • lovelylil

    No but my hubby did. A few years ago he bought a green 1972 oldsmobile delta 88 and it was HUGE! So big he named it "The Beast" or sometimes would call it "The Green Beast". The transmission went on it and we did not have the money at the time to fix it. Which was a shame because we would have loved to restore it - but my hubby sold it for scrap metal. Lil

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