What outward signs of apostacy are evident in your house?

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  • mama1119

    My Chammilionare CD, My box of Christmas Deco, my box of Thanksgiving Deco, pictures of my daughter at her b-day party, xmas cartoons in her room, Crisis of Concience, Search for Christian Freeedom, my " wordly husband", lots of rated R movies....I think thats all

  • RichieRich

    • worldly roomate
    • loud, crazy satanic music (i hate it)
    • Posters on wall for nascar (#8 baby)
    • suggestive magnets on fridge
    • empty fridge

    in my room

    • no less than3000 rounds .223 ammo
    • gun safe.
    • Crisis of Conscience
    • laptop
    • Bryan McGlothins book
    • skimpy young females
    • assorted womens underwear (wait, whuh?)
    • tattoo aftercare cream.
  • freetosee

    A few years ago I accommodated a visiting elder (friend of the family). All I had to do is tidy up my small apartment. Strangely enough there is nothing he could get me d’fed. Rather the opposite I would have gotten him in trouble if I wanted to. He has a serious alcohol problem which he successfully denies. He explains that alc doesn’t affect him like it does other (he only drank Rum, Whisky and Vodka, because, as he says, beer doesn’t work with him). He’s never drunk, only tired. Every night he would drink at least ¾ bottle of strong spirit. Most of the day he spent sleeping! Also he liked my DA sister who has a boyfriend. He talked and associated with her and called her up at work. Remember, he is an elder (PO) and my sister is DA. But it was the arrogance, the self-righteousness and the condemning of others which made me ask him to leave. No more JWs at my home. Never again! fts

  • pepheuga

    a copy of "from paradise lost to paradise regained" and a copy of "babylon the great has fallen - god's kingdom rules." it can surely be just a matter of time before the condition of being in possession of these ancient and embarrassing books is considered a crime against the true path of dubbery.

  • Seeker4

    Two Buddha statues in the gardens as you drive up the driveway might be an indication. Oh, and the fact that I'm living with my girlfriend - though that's not really apostasy, is it?


  • asleif_dufansdottir

    Umm, probably the pagan altar in the living room would be the first clue. I doubt they'd get farther than that...

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Oh I almost forgot the biggest thing in my house, my wedding photo, my beautiful wife and I standing in front of the priest inside our church, Who would have guessed that a church wedding is apostacy

  • Junction-Guy

    The computer mall room is getting ready to close so I will make this brief.

    I have tons of Anti JW flyers and literature I have collected over the past few years, plus I have picture albums from the 1/2 dozen Apostafests I have atttended. Behind my couch is where I store my picket signs, My front door has a "God Bless America" sticker. I have a couple of flags in the house. I have Christmas decorations in my closet, I have an "amazing grace" picture on the wall, and in my music collection are about 100-200 BluegrassGospel CD's and tapes. I also have several Watchtower doucmentaries on DVD and VHS, Amanda still has some angel figurines left in the apartment. Im sure there's much more, but time is running out on this computer. Oh, before I forget I have an Aposta-Chilifest refrigerator magnet on my refrigerator, and I have a pic framed of Sybil standing next to a sign that says "watchtower teachings=destroyed families" This pic was taken many years ago when she and another apostate in the Dayton Ohio area would set up a booth at the county fair.

    Thats all for now,


  • orangefatcat

    Well I am so glad that I am not the only one who has a ton of cool stuff in my home. Frist their is an ornemant on my door of a fish singing christmas carols. and an angel trumpetor. Enter my domain I have a crucifix on my wall, I have tons of angels, and pictures of Jesus and the last supper, I have a huge budda in my cabinet, My collection of movies and cds and dvds and tapes of every concienvable topic. I have another crucifix of Chirst. In my bedroom many pics of Christ, St francis of Asissi, and a altar, I have tons of Christmas stuff, I have the internet, I have a solid brass potrait of Jesus with the thorns around his head, it is over 100 years old.

    Tons of great books and apostate literature. I have church sermons and Bulletins, I have a few flags hanging around. and then I have lots of knives, and army objects, and I have a ton of magizines that would curl my mothers nose.

    So I can say with certainty that if any elder showed up at my door they would be aghast, but who gives a hoot cause I know they will never show up at my door. I think they are afraid of what I will tell them and they know I know alot of unchristian things that went on in the congregation I was in. I know a few person could be disfellowshipped if I told on them.

    Never the less, orangefatcat is a happy little brat and I have so much love to give. Something you never had in most cong. I was in.

    So that is all I have to say on the matter.

    lots of love


  • jayhawk1

    I have a collection of replica religious idols in my kitchen window, complete with a picture of Jesus offering Mentos to somebody. (I hope the picture attaches.)

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