What outward signs of apostacy are evident in your house?

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  • justsomedude

    Aside from the 6-8 apostate related books that I have in my closet, I dont think they'd find anything in my house they wouldnt have found before. I guess that means I was a bad witness or something..

  • Tuesday

    A big smiling fat Buddha doing a "Raise The Roof" guesture on top of my TV. Everytime I see it, it makes me smile.

  • SirNose586

    Signs of apostasy? None in my house.

    Though if an elder or C.O. found the computer in my room that has a wireless connection to the router downstairs (broadband connection), they most certainly wouldn't like that. For all the things my parents have denied me in the way of entertainment, or restricted me on in the past, having the internet in my room has made up for it in spades. Hell, they didn't even find out I had the internet on my PC until I slipped up! And even when they confronted me about it, I just told them it was my decision and that I would accept whatever consequences there would be for having it. To this day, I can't believe they bought that.

  • anewme

    Apostacy? Only if you consider a little sunflower windchime apostate. It greets you as you approach my sunny front door along with two welcome signs.

    It is my secret pleasurable sin each year to bring out this jolly little fellow and fill him with delicious homemade cookies. Each time I take his cute black ceramic hat off and reach in for a cookie I think to myself "Take that Watchtower!"

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    If they came to my house they would discover about a foot and a half of old copies of "apostate" Watchtower, Awakes and other Jw "apostate" literature.

    Lady Liberty

  • Stealth

    Would flying the american flag be considered a sign of apostacy?

    Then those sick bastards won't even need to get out of their car.

  • Fleur
    Standards have slipped....crumpet mentioned cock rings and vibrators as well as lesbian and gay porn....and all you are shocked about it some lousy uneaten old christmas pud!

    ROFLMAO!!!! Gawd is that the truth. Absolutely hilarious...actually I think it means that our standards have gone up! LOL

    My house looks very 'normal'. They'd probably notice a little angel sculpture I was given by a friend, other than that at this time of year not much worth mentioning.

    Of course, the agnostic hottie who likes to hang out on my couch is the biggest giveaway but I did marry him LOL. Years ago!

    boring, boring me...


  • slimboyfat

    About 150 "apostate" books - getting a bit hard to hide.

    JWD is in my favourites as well...


  • anewme

    Fleur, AGNOSTIC HOTTIE ON MY COUCH is the biggest giveaway!

  • Honesty
    Bob - you mention Kingdom of the Cults - is this a good read? I have heard of it - seen it in my Christian Book sales brochures, but never read it. Should I order one?


    It's pretty good. Take a test drive at the public library first if you can.

    The pastor's wife who helped lead me to the real Jesus gave it to me along with a stack of other books on the WTBTS.

    She said that I must have been who the Holy Spirit was directing her to when she bought and read them and after I escaped the cult she said He (the Holy Spirit) said I was better equipped to help other jw's escape because I know the in's and out's of the Lie they preach.

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