Mom just told she would dime me out and get me disfellowshipped

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  • What-A-Coincidence

    jwdaughter -

    my mom is a witness extremist (al-qaedawitness) ... she will strap on to herself breathalyzers and use them on me at a hint of booze.

    she thinks that drinking one beer is being drunk/an alcoholic.

    If she turns me in that will be great. I have thought how she would react to my disfellowshipping. I guess it would not be so bad after all. Getting dfed for boozing is not as bad as getting dfed for turning people away from the matrix.

    anyway - bottoms up.

    I need a pic of rudaford taking a sip so i can show her.

    My momma is so ....damn never mind. I'll regret it.

  • Scully
    she thinks that drinking one beer is being drunk/an alcoholic.

    She's gonna be very lonely in Paradiseā„¢ all by herself.

    I wish I knew where to find those quotes from the old WTs of Rutherford thanking people for the generous gifts of Canadian Whiskey at Christmas time.

  • gaiagirl

    I'd hate to think of your moms reaction if you'd had a bottle of, say, ZIMA on your desk! : )

  • crazyblondeb

    What happened to the "two witness rule"? My parents used to rat me and my sisters out all the time. Every time we got in trouble at home, no matter what, you could expect 1-3 elders to meet with us. I made them earn their titles!


  • fullofdoubtnow
    She said if I get drunk she would talk to the elders and have me disfellowshipped. I was like, really? You would do me that favor??? I didn't say that but I thought it.

    Maybe you should have said it, see her reaction lol.

    Linda (ever thankful her mum is not a jw)

  • blondie

    I thought there had to be 2 eyewitnesses to a wrongdoing for a person to be disfellowshipped. Her comment reminds me of some parents who would threaten to turn their small children into the police every time they did something wrong. When I worked in juvenile justice, I met young kids like that; it took some time to get them to trust me; they would jump out of their skin at the sight of a uniform.

    When I think of all the alcoholic elders and MS and Bethelites and rank and file I have seen and known over the years, and nothing happened to them.


  • Crumpet
    my mom is a witness extremist (al-qaedawitness) ... she will strap on to herself breathalyzers and use them on me at a hint of booze.

    LOL - i love your reactions! Your mom sounds like mine! Yes they dobbed me in although frankly I don;t really know what for - probably snmoking as that was the only thing they had evidence of!

    I made stuff up at my judicial just to be sure I would be dfed - go for the shock value! Next time why not have a rizla paper wrapped around a cotton bud and see how much she freaks when she thinks you are doing drugs.

    One word of warning though - if you are still at home and it sounds like you are...being Dfed and living at home can be very tiresome. When family or friends visited and they did often I had to stay in my room - often this would mean hours and hours would pass and I couldn't use the lavatory or get a drink or eat... If your mother is as extreme as mine you can expect all kinds of littkle humiliations along the way.

    Have you asked why she is so keen to have you disfellowshipped? You can always offer to make something up for the elders for her if she's that excited about it...

  • stevenyc


    Yugh, I rat you out for drinking coffee lacquer. This stuff will make you throw-up sugar, and rot your teeth.

    Go get yourself a nice bottle of wine, a couple of occasional glasses is nice. Ask ozzie.


    P.S. that is of course as long as you are of legal 'new york' draconian drinking age.

  • juni

    Another drink w/coffee liqueur:

    add some vodka to make a Black Russian or/

    add some vodka and some cream to make a White Russian.

    Whatever. Sorry your mom has to be this way, but that is so common.

    Take care.


  • parakeet

    It's a shame your mom can't take things like this in stride. If your experience was an isolated incident, she should have been a little more forgiving.
    When my son was in college (and of legal drinking age), one weekend when he came home and stayed up late after my husband and I had gone to bed. Unbeknownst to us, he started nipping at the hazelnut schnapps bottle I kept for baking. The next morning, he came down very late with a dreadful headache and upset stomach and an empty schnapps bottle. We tsked tsked him for a minute, then laughed. Kids will do this; sometimes it's even a good lesson for them.

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