Mom just told she would dime me out and get me disfellowshipped

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  • xjwms




    I love you too.

  • Warlock


    You are kidding, right? For reading "The Word of God"? That's waaaaaay too much!!!!


  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre


    There is nothing wrong with Jesus Juice, tell your mom you heard that from Brother Jackson


  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Last call for alcohol.
    Last call for your freedom of speech.
    Drink up. Happy hour is now enforced by law.
    Don't forget our house special, it's called a Trickie Dickie Screwdriver.
    It's got one part Jack Daniels, two parts purple Kool-Aid,
    and a jigger of formaldehyde
    from the jar with Hitler's brain in it we got in the back storeroom.
    Happy trails to you. Happy trails to you.

    I am Emperor Ronald Reagan
    Born again with fascist cravings
    Still, you made me president

    Human rights will soon go 'way
    I am now your Shah today
    Now I command all of you
    Now you're going to pray in school
    I'll make sure they're Christian too

    California Uber alles
    Uber alles California

    Ku Klux Klan will control you
    Still you think it's natural
    Nigger knockin' for the master race
    Still you wear the happy face

    You closed your eyes, can't happen here
    Alexander Haig is near
    Vietnam won't come back you say
    Join the army or you will pay

    California Uber alles
    Uber alles California

    Yeah, that's it. Just relax.
    Have another drink, few more pretzels, little more MSG.
    Turn on those Dallas Cowboys on your TV.
    Lock your doors. Close your mind.
    It's time for the two-minute warning.

    Welcome to 1984
    Are you ready for the third world war?!?
    You too will meet the secret police
    They'll draft you and they'll jail your niece

    You'll go quitely to boot camp
    They'll shoot you dead, make you a man
    Don't you worry, it's for a cause
    Feeding global corporations' claws

    Die on our brand new poison gas
    El Salvador or Afghanistan
    Making money for President Reagan
    And all the friends of President Reagan

    California Uber alles
    Uber alles California

    Dead Kennedys

  • Rabbit

    Or...make a pre-emptive attack. Buy a bottle for the Elders, tell them you "thought it order to keep it out of sight".

  • Cabin in the woods
    Cabin in the woods

    Now just a moment. Did you say that you got that coffee liquer (sp.) from the cabinet??? Isn't that your moms cabinet if you are still living at home? hhhmmm.... someones got some splainin' to do !!


  • Odrade
    Isn't that your moms cabinet if you are still living at home? hhhmmm.... someones got some splainin' to do !!

    No kidding, huh? I mean, 10 years at Bethel rooming with a drunken elder, and not knowing coffee liquor is worthless to get you boozed up? something doesn't add up...

  • joshoohaah

    Yah... I was totally "dimed out" by my folks. They found letters my boyfriend had written me detailing our sex life. Oopsie! Before I knew it the elders were at the door and I was 3 meetings away from the big D. Kinda a pain considering I had already told them all I didn't want to be a dub any more... but, no... the elders HAD to have the sordid details and go through the process.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    it's more like my parents are living with me. mom is witnoid out and dad recently joined the dark side. I am the master and he is the apprentice. Anyway, it was kinda of funny cause the way she reacted. It's all good here.

    She believes that drinking 1 glass of anything will make you an alcoholic. Then again, she believed she was being attacked by satan.

    I don't mind getting dfed if she does not mind. Gonna have to ask her about that. stay tunned!

    w-a-c- is back!

    joshoohaah - That bites! Freakin elders didn't get enough of the letters? They are sick!!!

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