What Did You LOVE About Being a Jehovah's Witness?

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  • Seeker4

    OK. Minimus had his 'what did you hate about being a JW' thread, so I want to take a different tack on this.

    I'll even start it. I loved some of the get-togethers we had. Lots of good food, good fun, dancing, singing, music, laughs, good friends. There are some really fond memories there.

    While attending CAs and DCs could be boring, I enjoyed the evenings AFTER the program ended. Going out to eat with friends, having a few drinks and some interesting conversations.

    I loved the travel that was available. I got to see Jamaica, Canada, Peru and lots of the US due to being a JW. It was fun.

    There were some people that I loved, and love til this day, even though they would likely not even talk to me now. We had some great times together, shared some of life's best and worst possible moments. How many times I sat with people in hospitals while loved ones died, or stood with them while they married, or saw their first child. Life often had a special intensity during my years as a Witness, and there were parts of that that I remember fondly.

    Even though we are now divorced, I still love the wife of 32 years that I had because I was a JW. That relationship has changed so very dramatically, but I still see her as one of the best people I have ever known, and together we created three of the most amazing and beautiful people I know. We had a very good life together for a very long time, a better and longer time together than most people will ever know, and I treasure that memory.

    Any other thoughts out there?


  • candidlynuts


    and every other religious person on earth had it wrong!

    ah the arrogance of ignorance.

    i also liked growing up with wonderful parents. patient and loving , very well balanced. i dont credit that to them being jehovahs witnesses though. i credit that to them because they're good people.

  • looking_glass

    I loved my friends (whom I still have now). I loved the ability to travel anywhere in the world and have something instantly in common with people. I love the fact that my mom has a great group of female friends who look after her and love her.

  • Seeker4

    Ah, Candidlynuts - the oldest and funniest-named member of this forum!

    I hated that we thought we knew it all. I soooo could see that we really didn't. Yet I have a fading friend, also raised a JW for over half a century (a mere drop in the bucket of time to one of your advanced years) who recently lost a fine relationship with a beautiful non-JW woman, because he had that Witness attitude that he "knew it all" and "had an answer for everything."

    It comes with the JW territory, and is such a fucking lie.


  • mama1119

    UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, Still thinking, still thinking..................

  • parakeet

    I loved when the final prayer was said at the meeting because it meant I could finally go home.
    I loved when bad weather meant I didn't have to go out in FS.
    I loved when I knocked on someone's door in FS and no one was home.
    But the thing I loved most of all -- LEAVING JWS FOR GOOD

  • Seeker4

    Hmmm, why, if I was getting such great spiritual food, did I love it when the meeting was cancelled due to bad weather (a not uncommon occurence here in Vermont in the winter), or when the speaker didn't show up on a Sunday morning?

    God, that says volumes.


  • IP_SEC
    Re: What Did You LOVE About Being a Jehovah's Witness?

    Gottdammit seeker, and I just ate too

  • blondie

    Not a thing.............it was all an illusion..........

    It only felt good when the beating stopped.


  • snarf

    I loved how my daughter was always made to feel welcome wether it was a party at someone's house or a quick lunch get together. Other than that, not much.

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