What strange things do your pets like to eat?

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    When I was a kid we had a small dog that loved spaghetti with tomato sauce. He was our Witness dog that would sit near the table and wait until after the prayer to start begging for food.

    The two cats I had for 12 years loved some really odd things. I was peeling corn on the cob tonight and missed having them pester me for raw corn niblets. They both could hear the first rip of the husk and no matter where they were in the house you could hear them coming. Once in the kitchen with me they would circle and cry for corn. But after the corn was cooked they couldn't be bothered. They both loved cantaloupe and honeydew melons. They loved tuna and sardines but hated salmon

    One of these cats would try anything. I think the only thing he refused to eat was onions. This cat also loved non-food items - elastics and balloons. He would "kill" the balloon or elastic and then carry it to his food bowl and leave it there. He also loved the ribbon that ties balloons together. He would chew on that until he would gag. I had to pull it out and be so careful to not have it in the house. Oh and this was the cat that knew how to jump on the counter, open the cupboard door and move the cans in front of his catnip. Then he would paw it out and get it down to the floor. The only thing he couldn't figure out was how to open the container. He was such a suckie cat. He would sit beside me on the sofa and roll his head on my arm and stare up at me with this pathetic "I'm starving so please give me some" look. Truly pathetic.

    I was even able to teach him some tricks. "Sit pretty" and he would stand on his hind legs and walk. I used to buy these cat threats called Luves that looked like tablets. I would hold it with the very edge of my mouth and he would stand on his hind legs to gently take it from me. It wasn't hard to teach him to take it. It was hard to teach him to do it gently. The image of the elephant in the china shop comes to mind when I think of his personality. Other times I would hold a treat up and ask him to sit pretty. He would do it but then realize my hand was too high so he would jump and swat at and grab my hand to bring it down so he could get his treat.

    The other one loved green bananas and peeled grapes. Yes my husband would peel the grapes for him. And I had to hold the banana for him because he didn't want it once it touched the floor. As a cat he was way to dignified to beg for treats. After years of trying to get him to take food from my hand I finally got him to do it. But if the challenge was more than he could bother with he would just walk away and let the other cat eat everything.

    So what do your pets like?

  • misguided

    Our cat LOVES brussel sprouts!!!


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Dexter, our first basset hound, once ate a light bulb. And when I say he ate a light bulb, I mean he ate it glass and all. Nina and very nervously watched him for a couple of days to make sure there was no blood or God only knows what else would come out but he was okay. Go figure.

    The same dog also ate an entire jar of Flintstones vitamins (you know those kids sugary vitamins?). Of course he threw them up about 30 minutes later. Getting red dye up off the carpet was no fun.

  • morty

    Funny you mentioned this lee cause I just got a new puppy

    (http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/9/117573/1.ashx) and I also have 2 cats...

    had one of the cats for 3 years and the other for 12....

    But it would be easyer for me to answer the question of :

    What strange things does'nt your pet like to eat?

    my animals will eat anything you put in front of them or what you leave on your plate on the counter.

  • damselfly

    One of my cats never stops eating. She loves it all, I've never given her fruits or vegetables ( I try to not encourage her binges ;P )

    I was cutting up chicken for dinner yesterday when I heard a god awful screech! Scared me so bad the fork flung out of my hand and the chicken landed on the floor. She just looked at me like it was her B'day and calmly began to eat it. I swear she did it on purpose!


  • Elsewhere
    I was cutting up chicken for dinner yesterday when I heard a god awful screech! Scared me so bad the fork flung out of my hand and the chicken landed on the floor. She just looked at me like it was her B'day and calmly began to eat it. I swear she did it on purpose!


    Bad kitty!

  • damselfly

    I can't get mad at her, she's too cute! Although I am considering sending her to Overeaters Anonymous.


  • apfergus

    One of the dogs I had growing up would eat anything. On multiple occasions he tried to eat a bumble bee, and got hurt trying to do so at least twice. While our other dog needed to have his medicine wrapped up in something tasty, I could throw him his pills and he'd catch them out of the air and swallow them.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee
    Brussel sprouts???

    That is one weird cat Rose

    OMG Chris - a lightbulb. I'm amazed he survived.

    Morty I learned to never leave food on the table or counter.

    One time I had a friend over whith his guide dog. I took my friend upstairs to show him where the washroom was. and we both heard a crash. His dog was eating the chicken I made for supper.

    Dams I really had to wonder sometimes just how much they understood about finding ways to get what they wanted

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    apf if we could do that for our pets it would be so much easier

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