What strange things do your pets like to eat?

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Stealth, what is a bearcat? Do you have pictures?

    My previous cat, "B" (R.I.P. little buddy) had wide ranging tastes. He shared a bit of Hot Sour Soup once. He loved BBQ, especially BBQ spareribs - with sauce; and BBQ salmon & halibut. REALLY liked shrimp, scallops too - but had a built-in "fresh-ometer" and wouldn't touch them if they weren't really really fresh. I am amazed at the other cats represented here who eat fruit and veggies - these held no interest for "B," although he did enjoy dry brewer's yeast powder. Very much. I never got to try him with vegemite or marmite, both of which are in the 'fridge. I may be wrong on this, but my understanding is that cats are not well-equipped to deal with sugars, and a diet with a lot of sugar can result in diabetes for a cat easier than it would for a monkey-boy. If this is true, I would limit the sugar to a little bit once in a great hile, taking into consideration that our cats are between 1/20 and 1/10 our size.

    After "B," "C" moved in. "C" follows a spartan diet of his own choosing. He has no interest in any of the things that "B" enjoyed so much. Mostly his diet is dry food, with one can of wet food at night. I add a can of hot water to his wet food to make it more "soupy" for him. He likes that, and the superhydration is good for him (to avoid boy-cat troubles). He likes some occasional halibut, but not on a regular basis. Won't touch dairy - no cream, milk, anything. No beef, no pork, not even chicken. I'm always looking for new things to offer him, but food is not his main interest. POWER is his thing, I think. I'll try some vegemite on him tonight, but I expect he'll say "no, thank you very much."

  • gwyneth

    I had a cat who ate Doritos, too. Our dog growing up ate a whole tub of butter when we weren't looking, and then upchucked it in the motor boat. He would eat toads, and then have seizures. He would eat cat poop he found in the yard. God, I don't miss that dog.

  • Nowman

    I have a "westie" (West Highland white terrior) named Kasper Finlay, he like to eat watermelon and bugs. When he does eat bugs, he will not eat for an entire day. I think its cute too because when I go back to work on Monday, he won't eat till I come home. My husband works out of the house and tells me Kasper is depressed or something and gets excited around 5:45pm when I am due to return home. Again this only happens on Mondays because Kasper gets used to having me around during the weekend. I just love him to pieces!


  • Stealth453

    Stealth, what is a bearcat? Do you have pictures?

    Sorry, kind of crappy pics, but it's all I have at the moment. A bearcat is like a big ferret (BIG cat size to small dog size), brown or black in colour, noctournal in nature, tree dwellers, fruit eaters, and meaner than a mouth full of rabid monkey shit. I love them. hehe

  • Finally-Free

    My turtles love old cheddar cheese, and will start begging every time they see me eating something orange. They were quite disgusted with me when I gave them half of a carrot I was munching on.

    Rocco, my cockatoo, will help me eat my scrambled eggs, oatmeal, fruits, cashews, peanut butter sandwiches, sweet potatos, chick peas, rice, cheeseburgers. If he's sitting on my shoulder he'll ignore any food I hand him, preferring instead to force his beak into my mouth to get something that I'm chewing on.

    I'm sure I'm going to lose a lip or tooth one day.


  • justsomedude

    My dog ate part of a roll of paper towels a few days ago, I guess that qualifies as strange.

    I'm also fairly certain he ate part of a broken beer glass a week or so ago.

  • gwyneth

    Don't you just love this name? This was the name of my cat who ate Doritos.

    We got him from the Humane Society. He was already over 10 years old. He had a huge head. We called him "Mr. Big Head," but it just didn't roll off the tongue that well. "Mr. Big Head" is a character from one of my fave cartoons, "Rocko's Modern Life." So we named him Rocco, a variation of "Rocko." (Much more sophisticated spelling, too. Vet kept spelling it "Roco"--got me very perturbed.)

    Long, convoluted, off-topic story about the origin of my cat's name, but delightful to see the name shared with another pet.

  • LovesDubs

    My sheltie decided eating an ant trap was a good idea. Im not sure what they put IN those but Im pretty certain it isnt beef. Thank God she didnt manage to get the whole thing apart! But there it was mauled and relatively intact with dog barf around it on the floor. She was fine by the way. Idiot.

  • sinis

    My wife and I ate corn on the cob the other night and accidentally left the bucket of butter open and on the table. Normally our flat faced persian plays all the time, but this night we found the house to be quiet while watching tv. We go into the kitchen and find his entire head buried in the bucket. When I yelled at him he popped his head out and huge eyes and a ring of butter all around his head. Face, was coated with butter also. We cleaned him up but he sat there for a few hours in heaven just cleaning himself over and over, loving it.

  • JH

    My cat always eats the flies she kills Then right after she licks me on the nose

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