Small, but meaningful, moments of joy...

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  • mrsjones5

    Looking into the eyes of a sweet baby girl that I am taking care of for a friend. Looking into the eyes of my baby boy who comes up to kiss and remind me that he is still my baby.

    What joy!


  • diamondblue1974

    Sometimes the most simple and uneventful times are just the best. Just a meeting of minds over a glass of wine, sat in the garden on a warm summers evening as the sun goes down.



    'Feels like home, I should have known from my very first breath'

  • Crumpet

    What an excellent thread!

    Today, will you choose to lighten the hearts of those around you? Or will you choose to darken them?
    Daystar i read that and its MOnday morning and I'm not feeling exactly like spreading joy around so I muttered to myself dark thoughts, but then I read on. I couldn;t help to be moved by Brigid - you know when you see that cleaning lady - can you say that she touched me the other side of the planet with her action today and I will now seek an opportunity to pass that on by doing something today for a stranger. Van Gogh - when you took all those little phrases from the experiences it read like poetry. YOu are right you are closer to a real source of love now, I know that to me this feels more real and true than anything I urged myself to feel as a Jdub. Quandry - your boss is awesome! I am so sorry that such a devastating effect was caused to your family and daughter. And I hope that all her self respect and worth and love is fuly returned with clogs on!
  • daystar

    The look in her eyes when she tells you that she loves you and you have no doubt that she does, with all of her being... and... you discover that loving her back with the entirity of yours is not a choice to be made, but a drive that you cannot deny.

  • jgnat

    I don't know why I avoided this thread so long, it's right up my alley...

    We have a Light Transit (Subway) driver, who, every morning gives us a cheerful greeting over the loudspeaker and a laugh. How many lives does he touch every day?

  • Crumpet

    ok last post before bedtime .. . i promised that I would act out my inspiration from some of the experiences on this thread before the day was out ... i looked, i sighed and decided after one more evil doer pushed in front of me in a queue whilst i tried to buy birthday vouchers that i'd had enough!

    However my opportunity came to me in a mysterious way. To cut it shut I hate children and Mr C thinks i hate his more than all others (hate is too strong a word but let it suffice). Anyway it was his daughter's birthday today and she had been looking forward to the party she was having at home (with her mum) for ages except it didnt happen dont know why, it just didnt. And her dad this end kind of said she could have friends her too for a party (informally_ but hasnt done anything).

    Anyway having heard she was having no party having expected two I sewallowed hard and phoned the mums on the street, explained and organised a table at the kids fave restaurant in the jail with cowboy hats and all that in about an hour flat. MR C not sure whether he approves or not but anyway too late. I may hate kids but they are going to have a party!

    bah humbag, gumby crumpet, zerruberballs, fluffy tuft

    and i still hate children!

  • Rabbit

    Daystar, thanks for this positive thread. I need reminders like this, I suppose we all do, that we can affect for good or bad the people around us. We have as much responsibility as everyone we meet does.

    Everyone's stories reminded me of a very good day I had a couple of weeks ago. I had several customers I had to see for Service Calls (no, not the WT kind) and I stopped at different stores, etc. Everyone I met that whole day was very cheerful, helpful & kind. They actually went out of their way to be helpful, even people coming & going in the stores. Clerks would start up conversations about the weather, people, their kids, etc.

    I was greatly impressed by all that, there are always friendly people, but, plenty of the 'dead-eyed', 'could-not-care-less' types, too.

    When I got home I told my (never been a dub) wife about my day. She is one of those ultra friendly outgoing people who always gives a smile and a kind word to most people she meets. I told her how pleasant people had been and how I was 'surprised'. She said, "Well, I'm not. Sometimes when you leave in the are kind of grumpy, but, you were in a good mood & smiling when you left today. I think people were responding to you. Or, maybe it's Karma ?"

    I know some were just normally friendly, but, it made me feel good to know I may have helped give them a "good day," too.

    Also, I guess I haven't been away from The Truth ™ long enough...I still get surprised at times when those evil "worldy" people do 'nice' things. Does anyone else do that or am I the only odd one ?

    It was a good day, too, meeting you (DayStar) and Brigid at the Dallas SweatFest. Damn, that was fun !

    The Rabbits

  • Van Gogh
    Van Gogh


    Whatever you invest in your fellow will be bestowed upon you by the Cosmos... one way or another... call it karma if you will...

  • MegaDude

    "It's all about the love, man."

    FMZ - Dallas Aposto Sweatfest August 29th, 2006.

  • Brigid

    When You and He embrace and neither is quite certain where the One leaves off and the Other begins.

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