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  • jayhawk1

    So the annual Congregation Picnic is a Society no-no? I know we was counceled by a Circuit Overseer not to say anything about it in the official local announcements, but that it was a technical no-no is odd.

    So what would happen in the New System? Is nobody to congregate except for meetings? How odd...

  • Warlock

    Yeah, no more congregation sponsered gatherings. That used to be part of the fun.


  • badboy


  • clarity

    Crazy ideas!

  • Hermano

    I grew up in Spanish congregations. We assumed the English speaking congregations were more materialistic because they drove better cars.

  • james_woods

    Well, no big toot compared to some of this stuff, but we had a Circuit Overseer back in the 60s who absolutely HATED the Coca-Cola company. Well, mainly just the product Coca-Cola.

    He forbid the circuit to serve Coca-Cola at the assemblies. (this was back when we had food service)

    The stupid thing was that the local soft drink machine distributor we got the tap system from was owned by the local Coca-Cola distributor. We never pointed that out to him - we were still paying Coca-Cola money even if we did not have a Coke tap on the machine. Many of the witnesses complained -

    The District Overseer told him to knock it off when the District Assembly came around and he tried to pull this stunt there as well.

  • daringhart13

    You couldn't hand out invitations to a wedding or a shower at any meetings

    A man and woman weren't allowed to drive to meeting or service together alone (they might start screwing)

    You couldn't work out at the YMCA.....(but as I argued, you could go to a hospital.....all of which were associated with churches)

    A servant would be removed for watching a rated R movie

    No denim skirts or dresses allowed

    One 'brother' was removed from the baptismal pool because the CO thought he was too fat. The irony? The 'brother' giving the talk was even fatter.

    Elders could golf with worldly customers/employees....but their kids couldn't play school sports

    But I have to say, they all pail in comparison to my current favorite:

    Sparlock and playing with magic toys means you cannot be God's friend......however, you can spend a family vacation at the Magic Kingdom known as Disneyland.

    Its all so surreal...........

  • tinker

    We live in an area with many wineries so sometimes after service on a Sat afternoon we would go wine tasting. Soon there was a "local needs" talk stating that the purpose of wine tasting was to get drunk and so such activity would be wrong. We didn't stop wine tasting we just did it on the qt. And wearing denim skirts was a no no.

  • straightshooter

    I remember the song YMCA was viewed as bad. There was a local needs talk condemning any witness who went to the skate board park as worldly.

  • JustThatGirl007

    denim skirts was bad

    sideways or backards ball caps were bad

    no charm bracelets

    no games like Magic the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons (couldn't watch the cartoon, either)

    Scooby Do was bad

    Smurfs were bad

    Shopping at garage sales or second hand stores was something to be cautious about because you could bring home demunz

    Good luck and bless you was bad

    A rumor went around that I was engaged at age 16 because I held hands with a guy at the convention

    No groups getting together to do the WT or other lessons

    no sports

    no college

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