my daughter leaves for the ARMY thursday

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  • caligirl

    I can see from a parent's perspective how hard it is for you to let her go.

    My personal opinion, is that you have raised a wonderful daughter who understands that we have our freedom because of people like her who are willing to stand up and go do whatever they are asked to do to maintain that. I know many who read this will not share my opinion, but my opinion would be the same even if there was not a war going on.

    Hug her goodbye and tell her you are proud of her for what she is doing, even though you are scared. .

    And a heartfelt thank you to you for raising a daughter with values, convictions and the personal strength of character that has made her the person she is today.

  • Dave_T

    I'm sorry for what you're going through, purplesofa. If my kid made such a decision, I would not agree with her too but the law acknowledges her right to make such a bad decision. I think we all make mistakes when we are that young and I think it's probably necessary for our own psychological maturation. She probably needs to make her own decisions. I think they will probably not send her to very dangerous places because she's a girl (most men in the military hierarchy wouldn't want to see their daughter on a battlefield). But don't tell her that because she would not appreciate it. She probably wants to show that she can do typically "manly" things like fight in wars. Besides I think we're still pretty far from a "World War III" (in spite of what certain people in this forum think and seem to wish for - especially those who think they can't be drafted...). Try and understand her reasons. If you can't make up her mind, tell her that you don't agree with her but that you respect her right to make such a decision (the hardest part of a mother's duty). Your daughter is probably a great kid and she will probably come back to her senses. When she does, this experience might well be a way to learn and attain a greater psychological maturity.

  • SixofNine

    Is she open to reason, coming from you, purplesofa?

    I respect anyone's military service, but our military has never been more mistreated and abused than it is being right now. It's a volunteer military, and now is not a good time to volunteer.

    Have your daughter look around at all the yellow ribbons and to think of people who spout shit like "freedom isn't free", and ask her to speculate on how many of those people would actively support a tax increase that would double their own taxes to fund the human side of the military and veteran's benefits programs and pay for the war in Iraq.

    And absolutely, before tomorrow, make sure she has read Major General Smedley Butler and President Dwight Eisenhower's warnings. Rent the documentary "Why We Fight" at blockbuster, and watch it with her. Today.

  • LittleToe


    I have four sons and my youngest is a daughter.

    That's real accepting of you. How did the operation go?

    Six gives some good advice

  • hillbilly

    Depends on what MOS she goes into.... Most "Army" jobs are like any other 10 hour a day jobs. There are a lot of things one can get into other than infantry/armor/cav type things.

    Worry..but she's a big girl now.


  • SusanHere

    You probably won't want to hear it, but the military is not such a bad thing. Both hubby and I were military. My only regrets from my military time is that I was too young to take advantage of all the opportunities presented to me. Other than that, it was a wonderful experience for me.

    I have two sons now who are active military, one Navy and one Army. The Army son is in the Gulf. He is in harm's way and we are more than a little anxious about his safety. He sent the most beautiful email out to all the family, though, sharing his deepest thoughts and feelings with us all in case he doesn't return. Where he will be and what he will be doing combine to make him a prime target, and he knows that. He's just trying to do what needs to be done to preserve the freedoms that so many over here take for granted.

    My Navy son will be over there in another month, for the third time. He is a gentle, intelligent young man who is doing what he believes is right and necessary. The sad thing with him is that he can't even wear his uniform in San Diego without having people shout obscenities and challenge him to fight. What's wrong with my fellow Americans that they can have such animosity towards our military personnel?

    If my sons die in military action how many Americans will honor or respect their sacrifice?

    As for your daughter, she should have gotten a guarantee of a school. If not, no telling where she will be trained, or in what specialty. If she did get a guarantee, she may have chosen training that would be nearly certain to keep her stateside. You didn't say why she decided to enlist. Whatever the reason, you are right to worry, right to have concerns, but once she goes, she'll need your support, your love, and hopefully, your pride.


  • purplesofa

    dear everyone.......(except Little Toe).......I knew someone would pick up on the son/daughter thing

    She came in from St Louis early this am.....I have not got to spend much time with her. Her recruiter actually did not want her to get out of his site for fear I would keep her from going.

    She is determined to go......has a very positive scared naturally.

    She wants an education, insurance, and income. She is going in as an E3, as she passed some special tests, and also got the best girlfriend to enlist.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    I am very proud of her efferts and determination. I am so guilty for homeschooling her, keeping her from worldly people, the list goes on and on. I did all this even 9 years being disfellowshipped.

    She has taught me so much about love and life.....

    She is at the recruiters now.......(he wants to take her to dinner!!!) for her briefing. And then must stay at a hotel as she has to be up at 4am to go for the last of physical and testing.

    I will only get to meet her at the airport tomorrow night.

    She is a very special was easy to tell that early on in her life. She will be an asset where ever she goes and whatever she sets her mind to. I hate the thought of her enduring bootcamp.

    Someone will see her qualities and look after her.

    Thank-you again and also.....for the private messages.

    Rent the documentary "Why We Fight" at blockbuster, and watch it with her. Today.

    I am going to see if I can get this......thanks


  • purplesofa

    just got home from taking her to the hotel.

    she leaves around 10am......not even sure if i can make it cuz of work.

    I thought about the bible and how the witnesses are so .....and other religions are so against the military.

    God has left us no choice has been written out what will take place. The bible never said we can stop anything. So, we are not to judge those that go or don't go. If that is what The God of the bible reveals to us........and put it in the hearts of man to do all gets a bit crazy for me now.

    She will say a pledge tomorrow.......and allegiance to her country

    Her country does not care what God she serves.......I thought that was an interesting revelation for myself.


  • SPAZnik

    Nice knowin' ya. ;)


    I love you.

  • RichieRich

    you look her in the eye, and shake her hand, and then hug her.

    she wants nothing more than to know shes doing the right thing for you and her country.

    Shake her hand for me.

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