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    I don't want to bore with the tedious details...but long story short: My husband was raised a JW. He DA and married me 6 years ago. I was so appalled at the fact that his family shunned him that I insisted on a sit down with his mom to explain. Everything she said made sense to me at the time and I wanted desperately for my husband to have his family back. So I studied and he started the humiliating process of coming back. I was baptized and he was reinstated a couple of years later. While I was studying I was warned against researching on the web and reading "apostate" literature. "Demons prey on the new ones" I was told so I never looked into it too deeply. The my daughter from a previous marriage starting having to miss out on what I think are important things in childhood...friends, organizations, sports etc. I was bothered by thoughts of her having to miss the prom and her constant questions about whether her father would be killed at armageddon. So I started looking into things and 'lo and behold. Boy do I feel like an ass! I talked to my husband about it and he started looking into things too. Needless to say we feel like Mr. & Mrs. Ass. We stopped going to meetings immediately and even missed the assembly this year. We have so far successfully avoided shepherding calls. We don't want to dissassociate because husbands parents are old and we want that relationship. So we told family that we needed time away to sort things out for ourselves. So my question is this. My mother in law defended all of our points (most from COC) by saying that we are all imperfect and the Society makes mistakes. She challenged us to find the "true religion". We said we don't think there is one. She says the bible talks of one. I'm sure many of you were confronted with this arguement. How did you respond.

    Sorry it got so long.


    So happy to be normal again!!!!

  • Legolas

    Welcome to the board!

    And congrats for you and your family seeing the truth about the 'lie'!

    I don't believe in the bible anymore so I can't help, but I know others will!

    Again welcome.

  • carla

    Welcome! The bible talks of 'one true relilgion' really? where? It talks of the body of Christ but no specific 'religion'. The body of Christ is all believers in Christ, inlcluding His work upon the cross. There are many apologetics sites you can go to for more info on that. Try typing in google, Christian Apologetics, or simply your question, is there one true religion? I believe that should bring you to a number of anti witness sites. Good luck.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi swamboozled, and welcome to the board.

    I too would like to know where the bible talks of one true religion, and I was an avid bible reader whilst I was a jw, and have read it in it's entireity many times. Ask your MIL to show you the scripture that says this.

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  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    True religion is in your heart and how you feel about god, not going to meetings, not proving yourselves to Elders, not the watchtower, True belief is inside you, god is in your heart, I don't believe that god is a god who would shun you or make you stop enjoying life. You don't have to explain your view to your mother in law, you are an adult.

  • anewme

    Welcome Swamboozled. I enjoyed your first post. I think it is up to your MIL to defend her own statements.

  • anewme

    Jesus' first century followers were engaged in good works and charity and sharing what they knew about Jesus. Many groups fit that description today. In the Bible there is no mention of a required 5 meetings a week, 10 hours a month enforced public preaching, pioneering, rules on beards, counsel against higher education, etc., disfellowshipping even after confession and repentance.

    Why does the Watchtower Society say they are the true organization over other groups who love Christ and advertise for him and who do good works?

  • garybuss

    Things I've learned.
    Arguing with a Jehovah's Witness is like being in a pissing contest with a skunk.
    Never talk religion or Bible with a Jehovah's Witness.
    Never Question a Witness.
    Witnesses act as if they believe God lives in Brooklyn.
    Witnesses only have two rules:
    Rule#1. Always treat the Governing Body as if they're never wrong.
    Rule#2. If the Governing Body is ever wrong, see rule #1.

    To personally get along with a believing Witness, substitute "My Witness" for " the Governing Body".

    Many people I know end up resenting the Witnesses they put up a subterfuge to stay in touch with.

  • Van Gogh
    Van Gogh

    Welcome swamboozled,
    I for one hope you'll stick around on JWD longer than most newbies do...
    (honorary member of the Amsterdam chapter of the great worldwide crowd of the ass class)

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