(poll) Kut it or Keep it?

by IP_SEC 74 Replies latest jw friends

  • Stealth453

    Keep it.

  • IP_SEC
    I won't even mention the extremely gay pose. (oops.)

    Hmmm well I have been experimenting a lot lately....

  • mrsjones5

    Damn sexy!

    Keep it!! That's my vote, purely selfish of course.


  • stevenyc

    Matt, from your pic I'd say, keep the beard, drop the estrogen! steve.

  • kid-A

    Kut it, you look 10 years younger without it, in your avatar, IMHO.

    p.s. while I do hate the daily shave, it is awesome for the skin, since its a daily ex-folliation.

  • arwen

    What a busy board! I am back at arwen's waiting for our lunch dates to arrive, tall penguin and her boyfriend are coming to our island for a quick visit, we will go out to lunch at a nice waterfront restaurant and chat up a storm. Wouldnt it be fun to all get together for a major party and meet and greet? You can all come play on our island! That is in the tourism ad for PEI. SOOOOOOOOO IP SEC ........... WHEN IS THE NEXT PIC?????????? We will take a picture of the lunch date today and post it.... maybe............MELJON

  • daystar

    Keep it! Grow it out as long as you can. I had long hair for nearly ten years and while I don't think I'll ever grow it out like that again, I wouldn't have missed out on it.

    Samson, move over!

  • itsallgoodnow

    Cut it. Jehovah doesn't approve.

    You have a good face, nice bone structure, but you look ordinary with the beard. And kinda mean. And we know you you're not mean. Not a bit. Although you do look younger with it, so if mean and young is what you are going for, then keep it.

  • JWdaughter

    He looks hot with the beard(in a good way!) And totally un JW-like. Which is a VERY good thing. Shelly

  • IP_SEC

    Steve and ITIS,

    This is funny cuz usually when I go to a bar er club er sumthin its the girls who think Im gay. The guys usually take me for a cop. Maybe with the beard the girls will think Im a bad boy and the guys will still take me for a cop?? or gay either way would be fine

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