What has this board given to you?

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  • sspo

    I gave a public talk in Joe and Barbara Anderson Congregation in 2003 and afterward as one of the elder took me out to lunch they filled my mind on how wicked and demonized they were and of course at that time i beleived every word i was told until coming on this board and eventually being able to talk to Barbara on the phone and finding out why they hated her and that she is a loving and kind person that truly cares for those that have been sexually abused. Because of her and many others we have seen changes in dealing with the problem of child abuse.

    Reading so much about all of you guys it made me realize after all, you are not working for SATAN.

    Enjoy the rest of the day

  • Crumpet
    Also, this site is user friendly.

    Juni - do you not feel the lack of bouncy avatars then> ;-)

    Jason bourne - glad you came back! Thanks for the pm. Please stay.

  • Crumpet
    A social outlet where I can communicate with strangers who share some common ground with myself. Nothing more

    Darth Ywh - its that time of the night where I can karaoke the rest of that song:

    Altogether now:

    Nothing more, nothing less - LOVE IS THE BEST!

    okay sorry - just feeling exuberant - the sun went down, the humidity dropped along with my inhibitions.

    Warlock - if you found a wife and a daughter then I dont know how to compare that with anything I have gained. Awesome!

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    The wonderful gift of feeling accepted and not being a complete outsider. The loneliness before I found JWD took an awful toll on me. I can express what I really think and feel and share frustrations that no-one else would understand except other x-jws.

    I've had more than a few posters help me feel better about myself during some low points.

    I've been reminded in many different ways, by the caring I've seen here, that humanity isn't as wicked as we've been conditioned to believe. I'm a tad less jaded and cynical because of it.

    I'm very thankful of all those who foster growth and hope in several ways: from the intelligent and respectful debaters who empower us with knowledge and model for us important critical thinking skills to the thoughtful believers who are living a message that actually helps others.

  • juni

    No bouncy avatars for this girl Crumpet !!


  • Warlock

    Tea and Crumpet

    Nooooo.........A MOTHER!!!! and a daughter..........Please, I don't need another wife!!!!!!


  • Arthur

    It was so reassuring to read countless threads by people who had gone through all of the same things I had gone through for so many years (depression, hospitalizations, never feeling like I could do enough, wanting to commit suicide). I always thought that I was the only one. I always blamed myself.

    I have been deeply touched by so many of your posts. There are a few of you who have given me personal advice and encouragemetn; which I appreciate very much.

    Thank you all for being here for me.

  • Van Gogh
    Van Gogh

    Daystar wrote: "A larger family."
    A knowlegable and comforting one, including your exuberance Crumpet.

  • Crumpet

    Van Gogh - keep my purple band glowing til Norway!!!

    ((((Arthur)))) - thats so touching! We are both the same age and have ran the similar gamut of emotions. I hope you get to go to one of the apostafests if you haven't already as the support is wonderful.

  • Ironhead

    Although I don't contribute much, I enjoy reading all your comments. I no longer feel trapped in this warped cult, and I now know I wasn't the only one seeing all the wrongs in the WTS. I'll be posting more and adding my view points more in the future as I'm in the middle of sorting my life out.


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