What has this board given to you?

by Crumpet 52 Replies latest jw friends

  • undercover

    LOL...yea, but I bet you get a warm fuzzy feeling when you read all the great experience of people who found their way out of the WTS with the help of this place...

    Kinda gets ya right here...

  • jgnat

    YAAAH! LOL. I peeked in to see what Simon had to say. I imagined his perspective would be a little different.

    For me, first, a VOICE. A swift second was lifelong friendships. They would not have HAPPENED save the web and a safe DB to visit.

  • greendawn

    A lot of useful information and the opportunity to present ideas. It also gives a sense of being part of a community albeit a virtual one.

  • daniel-p

    The reassurance I wasn't going crazy and that it wasn't just all me.

    When I first came here (eg: my first post) I was severely insecure and suffereing all the crazy emotions one feels when making the mental exit from a cult. When i first read the "Mind Control Tactics of a Cult" it was like breathing my first breath of fresh air. That was all I needed to regain my resolve and inner strength.

  • daystar

    • A larger family. Even when I strongly disagree with someone here, it's as if I'm arguing with a brother or sister. We all speak the same language. You all know that when I say the phrase "self-abuse", I'm not as likely to be talking about cutting.
    • A place to learn about the real reasons that the JW religion is a dangerous one to the human spirit.
  • stillajwexelder

    A LIFELINE -and access to some of the nicest and also some of the most intellectual people one could ask for

  • dabatgaly

    A good enough reason not to want to kill myself

  • Crumpet

    Have some free ibuprofen Simon! LOL Simon - it feels crass to offer such poor recompense for my entertainment! Just thought some definite factual evidence of the boards worth may help you not lose all hope!

  • DesertRat

    All of the above, & one thing more... HOPE..

  • fullofdoubtnow

    This board has been vital to me. I wouldn't have made the progress I have made away from the wts without it. I have found friendship here, though I haven't actually met any of you in person, although I hope to do that in the near future.

    I know so many things about the wts now that I would never have known if I had stayed a jw, and I have learned them on this board.

    I have had the pleasure of seeing and hopefully in some small way helping others who are trying to put the wts behind them, and I have been richly entertained on many occasions by the humour of some of the posters on here.

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