District Overseer put out to pasture with no $$$ - sad

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  • Watching the Watchtower
    Watching the Watchtower

    Wow, this is just plain wrong. -WTW

  • Genesis

    Im 20 and find it hard to begin my life again but when I see people like you Frank, it shows be that "Attitude is everything" and everything is never too late.

    Thank you very much and best wishes,


  • RR

    Sad .... You know, the BIble Students don't have that problem with the aged. We take care of everyone. Of course we don't have a central headquarters. But we do have several retirement homes, where all their needs are met, and I don't mean a little room with a bed. THis is more of a senior citizen community, with full apartments, townhouses and private homes. With all the money the Society has, why can't they do the same? Even providing housing for the aged JW's, they can still "milk" them.


  • sf
    one of the reasons the nazis are still hated is that the people they tortured and murdered are still dead.

    Bada bing, bada boom! Wonder how many kids who needed blood whose parents were "following instructions from gods only mouthpiece here on earth" died due to CO/DO and PO making sure the parents actually DID follow these lethal instructions, based on twisted doctrine and misrepresented secular facts.

    Damn, I had no idea this thread grew nine pages.

    Fantastic comments and expressions. I'm in total agreement with Lisa, just 2sheep, johnny and a few others who actually do get "it".

    Too much death has occured and blood shed due to this organizations insane policies. STILL!! They are doing NOTHING to amend any of it.

    This D.O. did not leave. He was not dfed. He did not disassociate. He STILL believes in those policies that STILL keep killing its youngest members { members not by choice}.

    Until he actually speaks out on these bogus policies and issues, the lethal ones, he is STILL accountable for the blood on HIS hands.

    I first replied on this thread when Randy put it up that the man should go to the media with his story. I think he still should. And tell the world he is sorry for all the damage he has caused people under his "reign" and then expose the WTBTS for the fraud and death that it has caused for thousands of its members. Then to call on the WTBTS to abolish all policies that are inhumane and tear families apart.

    THEN we { I } can start the process of forgiveness. Even then though, I can't predict if that will make any difference, as so many lives and SPIRITS have already been irrepairably damaged. The process of forgiveness may even be damaged at that point.


  • JapanBoy

    I agree fully sKally! I bet the GB never lacks for ANYTHING!


  • xjwms





    does...................................I get it now.....................plain and simple.

  • sf

    What, no more comments?

    Good to see you too JapanBoy!


  • Dix

    To Hopie

    I was also in the south unit in Omaha Ne. when a teenager. (now 73 yrs young). `I knew Eldon, Hal, Don, Kenny and their sister Verna. She was married to my brother-inlaws brother. Perhaps we knew each other. My sisters name is Denise. Talked to my sister today about

    Don Emshof being put out pasture. She said that some congergation will take care of him. It does not sound like that is true. Left the WT over 50 yrs ago. Randy very good web-site, keep up the good work.



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