Sad doggie news.....

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  • fullofdoubtnow

    Alana, I am so sorry that your dog is sick, I really hope he pulls through.


  • acsot

    Alana, I'm sorry to hear about your poor pooch. I was wondering if you would be able to find a holistic veterinarian where you live. Several years ago one of my cats became severely jaundiced; the first vet (the regular one I used to visit) told me it was chronic liver disease and after spending the night at the vet's he told me there was nothing to be done. I decided to take her home with me for a little while and get another opinion. I found a holistic veterinarian (they have the same education as regular vets plus additional homeopathic/holistic training) who diagnosed acute (as opposed to chronic) liver disease brought on by certain environmental conditions and prescribed granules of potassium and other things over a period of several weeks. That was about 9 years ago. She's 12-1/2 now and still bouncing off the walls with energy.

    Needless to say I phoned up the original vet and let him have it !

    Hope all goes well - hugs to you and pooch!

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Alana, I do hope they can make Remington better, he's such a sweetie!! (we call those cones lampshades over here!). Like ascot has said, holistic medicine can be good. If you know of a good Reiki master, you might be able to ask them to see how he is feeling and maybe diagnose too (I have a friend who had this done for one of her dogs).

    I'm also praying that if nothing can be done for him that you'll have peace when the time comes to let him go and that he won't suffer too much.

  • Lilli

    So sorry to hear about your pup - they really are members of our family. Not too long ago we had a similar situation with a puppy, and I found a wealth of information on a Yahoo group devoted to "liver dogs" (sorry I don't have the link, but a search on their site should get you there). Try to get onto the Yahoo site, the folks posting there were very helpful. They will know exactly what you are going through and can offer helpful suggestions. We took the attitude that anything that wouldn't be harmful was worth a try and we were able to pull him through. Also, the suggestion of finding a holistic vet is very good. We were able to find someone that conbined traditional vet care with natural remedies and nutrition. Best of luck, I'll be sending good thoughts for your little doggie!

  • frozen one
    frozen one

    Recently I had to put one of my cats down after he spent 5 days at the vet's. Five days of "good news-bad news" calls from the vet left me drained. In the end, frozen one wept. I hope you have a much better outcome.

  • LDH

    Any more news? ((((((((Alana))))))))))

  • Alana

    I went to see Remy tonight before I came home from work. He is still not able to eat. They wanted him to eat to do a test. They had about 5 different bowls of different foods in with him.......if he were feeling well it would be like Beagle Heaven.......and he refused to even take a taste from me. His eyes did perk up and his tail bounced up and down like a basketball when he saw me. He wanted to go with me, but couldn't hardly get up. He is not a surgical candidate and the vet says he has about a week or two left, depending on if he will eat. They are putting him on IV fluids tonight to try to perk him up. I had him stay the night again, because my mom is here and is scheduled for surgery tomorrow on the artery in her leg. So, I'm worried about that too. The plan: pick Remy up tomorrow afternoon so that he can have time at home before his time runs out. We have 13 acres and are by a river. He loved to go down to the river, so I will take him down there again and if he's too weak to walk I plan to take him in a wagon. His last days on earth will be all about him. If he worsens, then we have decided to not prolong his life at such a poor quality. I'm sobbing as I type this. Oh yes, and he has a furry brother who can't figure out where his buddy is.......he wandered from room to room last night whining. He's been glued to me all evening.

  • damselfly

    I've lost a few much oved kitties and it seems as if it gets harder each time.

    I think it's a lovely idea to spend his last few days the way you described.



  • Alana

    Just wanted to let you all know that Remy didn't make it home for his last weekend after all. He took a turn for the worst and we had to let him go. We got to see him first and took him home and spent time with him and our other doggie outdoors. We just buried him. He is at peace and chasing rabbits over the Rainbow Bridge in doggie heaven.....I told him he'd like it as it would be full of pig ears and blankets to burrow under. ( you all think I'm a freak, but I'm harmless, I promise! We all have our ways to handle these things and I guess this is mine.)

    thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, as it made this pass better.

  • looking_glass

    Alana - ahhh, my heart goes out to you. I grew up with dogs during my youth. To lose a pet, any pet is heart breaking. They are the most loyal and love us regardless of our faults. The loss of a pet is such a loss. Again, my heart goes out to you

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