Went to a witness party....oh, excuse me, "gathering" over the weekend.....

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  • Miss_MG

    I remember someone telling me about a young wittness party where the police were called because of loud drunken behavior,but one of the boys assured the police,it was alright as they were Jehovahs Wittness.

  • Terry

    Come with me now to those thrilling days of yesteryear when dinosaurs ruled the Earth and Jehovah's Witnesses had picnics, parties and --gulp--FUN!

    In the 50's and 60's there were "gatherings" all the time. I have fond memories. Some not so fond. It depended on whose shindig you were attending. But, for the most part, it was loosey goosie. There was actual happiness to be had. You could relax and enjoy fellowship.

    The overseer's daughter was (according to memory) kinda hot, but, everybody was skeered to get near. I wasn't! We went out to the lake with some others and got to review her two piece bathing suit!

    Now that I think about it, the trips to the lake were better than fun!

    Without these respites I don't think many JW's would have been able to feel they were a part of a "loving" group of bros and sis's.

    If this sort of entertainment is now rare and exceptional I can only think there must be a misery quotient in the high 90's.

    Pity de Po Fools!


  • Jim_TX

    Your experience is not too surprising...

    When I was still married to the ex - who is a good lil' dub... there was a 'party' at a park in New Braunfels a few miles up the road from here. I decided to go - and be the driver... the ex-wife and my daughter took all of the food items - or whatever.

    Soon after we got there, the ex's sister and hubby (#3) showed up lugging a large ice chest... filled with cans of beer. I swear... the whole time that I was there, I didn't see them without a can in their hand.

    So as to not look like alkies... or whatever reason... they handed a 'cold one' to one of the 'elders' who was sitting there. I suppose their logic for this was that if he was drinking too... it was okay.

    I told the ex-wife that I didn't like what they were doing... they still had to drive home - on a busy interstate - and they also had a 6 year old boy that would be in the car with them. I mentioned how irresponsible their behaviour was... the ex-wife just shrugged... she wasn't going to confront her sister about this.

    I have nothing against drinking... I just prefer that people do it responsibly - preferrably at home - where they are not a menace to someone on the highway at 70 miles per hour.


    Jim TX

  • Andy C
    Andy C


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    You guys must of lived on a different planet the the Jdub world I grew up in and lived in for 40 years.

    I never heard of a witness party that was even a little over the top in this area - or if I heard of one I was too damn old to have been invited by that time. Any way most of the jdubs around these parts keep it pretty close to the Brooklyn Rules of Conduct and Deportment.


  • wednesday

    There were wild parties, you just had to be a part of the "in group," and or have lots of money or clout to get invited. Around this area, the bible belt , there were a few wild parties,but they were mostly the elders kids and they weren't telling on each other. Eventually someone had a pang of conscience and told an elder who had not been invited and was po'd.

  • FairMind

    I noticed a lot of the “wild parties” were in California. A CO mentioned to us that California JWs were different and they all had California bibles. What is a California Bible? We asked. One that has never been opened the CO said

  • wednesday

    We heard about the same thing here, that it is hard to tell a Ca jws from a worldy person. Also that Ca jws women are really hot (that from a wishful elder, who wants a ca jws woman )

  • Warlock

    We even get flak in the Org.? That's because all those "seeking a release" come to California.


  • MinisterAmos

    I found that the key to having fun at one of these is to make sure the "Super Sister" (the one who happily calls for Bible charades) is NOT invited.

    I wish I had taken fotos of the wet T-Shirted Dubettes at my last nasty pool party.

    Super Sister was out-of-town visiting her brother in law at Bethel. I could have told her to wait because I had a feeling he was on the boot list and guess what?

    He was at book study last week!

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