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  • sir82

    Regarding the question on whether the Society will appeal:

    Couldn't they file an appeal to buy themselves time to come up with "new light", shred papers, send out directives in a BOE letter, etc.? An appeal might take months or even years to come to trial, right? Then, once they have all their "ducks in a row", they just withdraw their appeal.

  • looking_glass

    If the WTBTS shreds paperwork related to these claims they will be in a heck of a lot of trouble. It will be Ollie North all over again. Not good for them. they are stupid but not that stupid.

    And yes, the appeal process can lag thru the judicial system for years.

  • blindersoff
    Any ex-elders correct me if I'm wrong, but this inclusion into the PA book was given under the verbal direction of the CO.

    That's how I remember it. Soooo--How did the co know precisely what to tell the elders verbally?


  • IT Support
    IT Support


    Where, I wonder, is a copy of the confidential elders letter that gave that directive to write such notes in the margin? Any elders out there with such a letter in their file? Or another confidential letter saying that certain previous confidential letters were to be destroyed?

    Jourles is correct. The wording of these notes will have been read out by the circuit overseer, from a letter he will have received from WT. Any circuit overseers reading this prepared to post a scan of the letter?

    There is a confidential letter to that effect that hit the congregations in UK, and someone here borrowed the letter from the CO somehow(!) and had a notarized copy made at a lawyers office before taking it back. Whoever has a link to that, could it be posted here? I wonder if an internal memo like that (even though for the UK and not the US) might help prove negligence on the part of the WTS.

    This is the letter to all bodies of elders in the UK:

  • IT Support
    IT Support

    Looking at the Petition for Writ of Mandate, I've just noticed the petitioners are listed as Watchtower Bible snd Tract Society of New York and North Congregation of JWs, Red Bluff, California.

    Is there any significance in the omission of the Pennsylvania corporation from this petition?

  • DannyHaszard

    Incriminating scans from one elder's Flock book showing how pedophiles CAN be used in congregation responsibilities and going door to door under SOME circumstances (how potentially horrific this could be):

    CLICK to enlarge thumbnails.

    One viewer wrote a comment on the above scans:

    "What I found so disturbing is the reference to if someone use to be a molester and is no longer one how they can be used in the cong. COME ON! Someone who is a molester does not change their ways. It is a sickness that is burning inside the pervert forever! You are going to put people in the congregation in harm's way because you want to believe that the putting on the fruitage of the spirit will change a child molester for life."

  • Elsewhere

    Here is that PA (Flock Book) with the hand notes that was mentioned:

  • blondie
    That's how I remember it. Soooo--How did the co know precisely what to tell the elders verbally?

    It could have done it the same way the COs notified the elders that taking a blood transfusion was no longer a DF offense but an act of DAing. He had a "non-letter" complete with paper and WT letterhead that he read to the elders. The elders were not allowed to touch the non-letter or to read it or to make a copy or to keep a copy on the BOE letter files.


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