Announcement: Another favorable court ruling regarding Napa County lawsuit

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  • silentWatcher

    I was wondering... is there a possibility this could go all the way to the Supreme Court or is this something that can only go as high as the California Supreme Court?


    The US Supreme Court can choose to hear ANY case from ANY court if they so choose. Theoretically, they could ask to hear the case now (based on the lower court ruling), but usually the US Supreme Court only hears appeals from state supreme courts. Again, the US Supreme Court onlt chooses to hear cases where they feel there are constitutional issues. This case seems to meet the criteria (1st ammendment issues regarding clergy privilage).

    I'd be shocked if this doesn't end up in the US Supreme Court.


    p.s. The wheels of justice (especially at this level) grind very, very slowly. Until I saw "Erin Brockovich" I never fully appreciated how tough tort law really was. Replace "contaminated drinking water" with "protecting pedophiles" and throw in a few WT mags and it's basically the same story. When Kimberly wins, I wonder who will play her in the movie. :-)

  • metatron

    If they do take it to the California Supreme Court - or higher - it should set off alarm bells in the mind of any sincere, thinking JW left in this

    sick organization. Why?

    Because this ain't the flag salute! It isn't about the freedom to go door to door! It isn't about a moral issue like conscientious


    Can you say "giving a bad witness"? Can you say bad publicity? How about dragging the public image of the Watchtower further into the


    If this comes about, you should accept it as evidence that the greedy Governing Body has little concern for appealing to every

    conscience, as early Christians might. It's all about money now, and that shouldn't come as a surprize, now that they are

    dumping middle aged Bethelites to save cash.


  • stillconcerned

    Ah c'mon... i'd rather play myself... (in the movie)

  • skeeter1

    Does California's Supreme Court have to take the case? Can't they deny cert. just like the federal Supreme Court in Washington? If the California Supreme Court agrees with the Appeal court, or finds that there is no real question of law - I think they do not have to take the case. Then, the Appeal Court decision would stand, wouldn't it? Even if California's Supreme Court takes the case - there is a good chance Kimberly will win. She's won before on these matters. Plus, the California's Supreme Court does not like authoritative cults - see Molko case and the Church of Scientology cases. Watchtower needs to hand over the documents. They broke the minister/parishiner confidentiality when holding hearings with more than one person. Plus, the confidentiality doctrine purpose is to help the parishner (i.e. child victim). Here, the child victim wants the information. The church can not use the confidentiality doctrine to hide its own sins - just like a doctor/lawyer can't use the confidentiality doctrine to hide thier own malpractice.


    p.s. Go, Kimberly, Go!

  • Scully
    Can you say "giving a bad witness"? Can you say bad publicity? How about dragging the public image of the Watchtower further into the mud?

    And the beautiful part of it is that the WTS is doing all of this to themselves.

    Somehow I doubt that this court case will make it to the hallowed pages of the Watchtower for the edification of JWs everywhere.

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