Be Honest: Did You ACTUALLY Report Accurate Field Service Time?

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  • littlerockguy
    Yes. To lie about field service time would have completely undermined the reason I was there in the first place. And no, I don't think I was pathetic for being honest.

    That was my thoughts exactly. I thought at the time how would padding my hours be any different than what Ananias and Sapphira did?

  • Warlock

    YES. That is why I was so tired.


  • eyeslice

    Yes, I think I was fairly accurate.

  • blondie

    I did what the group I was with did. If they wasted time and left at 10 and counted it as 9:30 so did I; if they took a 45 minute break and counted it so did I; I had to to survive as a pioneer or go out by myself which got you talked to by the elders too.

    Toward the last 2 years; it was phantom time unless I could count my time on JWD.


  • stillajwexelder

    In the first few years after baptism - yes. In the last 10 years never

  • james_woods

    Isn't there really a deeper point to be made on this beyond the humor & amusement of seeing so many servants and overseers crib their numbers?

    I bet that Minimus was thinking about the general air of cynicism among the vast majority of JWs over the field ministry. Think of it - probably most of them have never even held a properly qualified home bible study with a non-believer (let alone actually bringing someone into the "truth"). They are just going through the motions out of peer pressure and constant elder harrasment.

    I further bet that most of them do not really see any urgency to this work, nor do they really believe in the immediate end. Yes, I know there are a few diehards, but I am talking about the vast majority - at least of the ones I personally knew.

  • under_believer

    I think minimus is trying to make a point about the numbers reported by the Society being inaccurate. I think he was surprised that so many people answered that yes, they indeed were honest about their time reporting.
    Nevertheless this does not harm your original point, minimus (if that was your point). We all know (may of us firsthand) about phantom pioneers and the "wheelchair witnessing" that goes on in Brooklyn. The Society hours are obviously inflated.

  • EscapedLifer1

    I was a "true believer" so of course I never faked hours. The worst I ever did was round up to the nearest hour at the end of the month.

    I grew up in a congregation of old timers, who counted their time by the minute. I'm Not kidding. When I helped count the time at the end of the month half of the totals on the time slips would look like this:

    15 hrs 47 min. or 11:18 or for some elderly ones, 52 minutes.

    There was one sister (my grandmother) who would not start her time until she herself talked to a human at the door (she did not start her time if her first door was a not at home). She would stop her time at break, and wouldn't restart it until she talked to someone again. She was quite vocal about how others counted time.

    Of course, we didn't hear any of those comments anymore, once she started pioneering after she retired.


  • Cellist

    Yes, fool that I am. I've always felt that anything worth doing was worth doing right. As soon as I didn't feel it was worth doing, I quit.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    Be Honest: Did You ACTUALLY Report Accurate Field Service Time?

    Painfully honest.

    I could have it so easy and made everything up.

    What an idiot I was!

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