What if they're right?

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  • serotonin_wraith

    One thing that helped me mentally to get it all out of my head was thinking, okay, even if they are right about everything, I would still rather be dead than have to live with them under a set of rules I disagreed with entirely.

  • nicolaou

    So what if they were right? Would you go back? I wouldn't, I'd rather die.

  • foundfreedom

    I just want to pull my hair out! Here I am sitting in my bedroom off of the living room and my JW mother in law is going on and on talking to my inactive JW husband saying that so many people have heard the Truth (gag me!) and how they have had the chance now to become JW's with the warning that has been given out in service that they wont be able to save themselves now that they have had the warning and havent taken action! and its funny that she's saying this to my husband who has been raised a JW and has been inactive for at least 24yrs! so I guess she is telling him that he's going to die also! it all makes me sick to my stomach listening to her (she's 74) last night she was telling him how awful she was treated years ago in the KH by some of the so called brothers and sisters and how she would go home crying from service! and here she still sits and defends them and the message they are preaching! Just blow's my mind that she cant see its all for nothing. I am happy that we here have seen the lies and have gotten out of it all!!

  • Balsam

    I too felt if the JW's were right then I'd rather be destroyed forever than have to bow to that god they worshipped that insisted I say an abusive, depressing, humiliating marriage right into the New System. I finally said f**k that, I'm not taking no more. Yes eternal death was perverable to being a JW any longer. Now that is mad isn't it? LOL


  • IP_SEC

    It held me back a few months. Now I just figger even if they are right, jehovah is still a prick and I'd rather die than serve him.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    They aren't right, so it isn't a consideration.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    Did that mentality keep you in fear and prevent you from leaving? Does it still?

    Nope! When I was in I was sure they had the 'truth'. Oh sure, there were some doubts [ most of which I only recognized as such after I left]. But for the most part I never even considered looking at the possiblility that we were wrong -

    Once I read CoC, and followed up with additional research on the internet, the house of cards crumbled. I sat dazed for a few weeks while I re-read CoC to make sure I really was reading what I thought I had -

    Then, knowing it was lies and falsehood, and further understanding the indignity that it heaped upon Jesus by manipulation of his words and actions - I knew I could not ever return, a dog to it's vomit and all.


  • I quit!
    I quit!

    I think I must have been slightly insane when I got involved with the Watchtower. Once the insanity wore off there was no place the imaginary kingdom of the witnesses. There is absolutely no chance of them being right. The only way you can believe they are right is by avoiding the facts. If someone has looked at the facts and is still thinking "What if they are right?" It is only because of the damage the WT has done to their brain. I think a big percentage of witness don't really believe it they just have too much invested in it to leave.

  • glitter

    Very occasionally I'll think "What if they're right?" even though I *know* they aren't, but I agree with this:

    Now I just figger even if they are right, jehovah is still a prick and I'd rather die than serve him.

  • witnessscorn

    Oh yes I still have that problem. Mind control is very effective

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