What if they're right?

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    2 plus 2 will always equal 4 and dubdom will always be wrong



  • undercover

    It's good to ponder the question, "What if they're right" every so often.

    For those of us who have faded and have regular contact with family/friends still in the bOrg, we are sometimes asked that by them.

    I have to admit that I got blindsided the other day by a comment by a JW family member. I had never given this any consideration. I still don't give it any credence, but the manner in which it was presented left me a bit stunned, with nothing to retort with. I don't know if it was the fact that I had never even thought anyone could believe this was what stunned me or if their question actually had me question "what if they're right".

    It was stated that with all the news reports on global warming and Al Gore's new documentary on the subject showing exactly how bad it really is, that "The End" was imminent and Jehovah wouldn't let man "ruin the earth" and we needed to be prepared for "His day".

    I know I looked silly. I just stood there with a blank look on my face. I think to them, they think they hit a nerve to make me think. For a split nano-second maybe they did. But after that instant, I realized that otherwise smart, bright individuals in my family can be plain loopy when it comes to JW beliefs.

    So when I see topics with questions like "What if they're right", I realize that sometimes we have to put ourselves back into our JW mindset for a brief moment so we don't forget what it was like and we can formulate responses to their JWspeak and think.

  • JH

    Deep down, we all know that they are right, and we hate it so much that we try to encourage ourselves here, by posting anything that might discredit them.

    How can they be right, when they made so many mistakes

  • Stealth453

    Now I just figger even if they are right, jehovah is still a prick and I'd rather die than serve him.

    Good point.

  • lilybird

    When I disassociated 20 years ago, there was no internet so I didn't have knowledge of all the society's deciet and lies.I left because in my gut it just all felt so wrong.. It was wrong to raise my kids that way and it felt like a waste of time.. Besides,, as another posted has already stated,, I was so fed up with the gossip, backstabbing and general BS of the org that I didn't want to be in Jah's New System whether it came or not.. I'd take my chances..It wasn't until I found this forum a few years ago.. and thanks to the research from many posters here,, I found out that I really made the right decision..The society of Jehovah's Witnesses is all a manmade total bogus lie and a cult..

  • delilah

    I was so fed up with the gossip, backstabbing and general BS of the org that I didn't want to be in Jah's New System whether it came or not..

    I'm with Lilybird.....then I began to read, and delve into the UNspiritual things of the society, and I realized they do not have the truth. They wouldn't know truth, if it steamrolled right over them! That's why they keep changing their minds on things, continually, over the years.....the light gets brighter....GAG ME....

  • Justice-One

    If an organization or entity truly had "THE TRUTH", that is, they really had some spiritual inside track on where mankind had been, why everything happened as it did, knew the meaning of all that is happening now and exactly where it was all going and knew how we could all not just survive the coming catastrophe but live forever afterwards, DON'T YOU THINK THEY WOULD HAVE THE BALLS TO ALLOW THEIR CRITICS, LET ALONE THEIR OWN FOLLOWERS, TO OPENLY ASK HARD QUESTIONS?

    This is why I trust the encryption program called PGP. When PGP first came out, the programer open sourced the code, and asked the best minds in the encryption world to try and break it. - None could. (Including our government who tried to get it banned.) On the other hand you have the software that sits inside the little "black box" with the programer standing behind it saying, "I'm not going to tell you how it works, you just have to trust me."

    The moral is, if you are proud of your beliefs, you shoud be willing to let the light of the world shine on them. And you should be willing and able to answer the hard questions.

    I hope the above made just a little sense.

  • La Capra
    La Capra
    Once the penny dropped and I realised that "Its just not true", I kept repeating that and sat like a zombie for a while . But from that moment I have never doubted my rejection of the J W faith . Which is something that I could not say about the beliefs when I was in it

    Well, I won't admit that I sat around like a zombie for awhile (I really didn't), but as soon as one card fell for me, the whole house fell-mainly because their entire premise is based on one true religion, and how they were convinced all other religions were false, on the basis of being able to show one thing was false (like when Jesus birthday is....) But, Blues Brother said it perfectly, "But from that moment I have never doubted ny rejection of the JW faith." Indeed my conviction that it is 100% wrong is stronger than any faith I ever had that a portion of it was correct. By the way, other people who have exited high control groups say the exact same thing, what if they are right. I posted a story about that here. http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/94137/1596250/post.ashx#1596250 Shoshana

  • free2beme

    Pray for relatives to die??? I never knew of that one, but then again, it does make sense. Maybe that is why so many Witnesses kill in the name of God and religion.

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