I got nekkid, how about you?

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  • Sparkplug

    I had the most relaxing soak in the kabuta tub and then got oiled down and rubbed all over at 10,000 waves this last week. I thought that I must be in heaven on earth.



    And then the lady rubbing me laughed when I told her that most of my youth I wanted to go to this place because I heard it was sooooo bad! I would recomend it to anyone!

    So do you all get nekkid and rubbed often?

  • MsMcDucket
    So do you all get nekkid and rubbed often?

    That would of been when I got pregnant.

  • Sparkplug

    Really? I was told when I was pregnant that it could be unsafe. Then later, way too late, I heard it was really good for you. I bet that felt so very good....

  • Kudra

    ooooo- I went there last summer a couple of times. We were working at Bandolier Natn'l Mon. and took of to 10,000 Waves for some relaxing weekends.
    I love their lotion named "Hinoki" it smells like pinyon and cedar. mmmmm I bought it while I was there.
    Did ya go into the co-ed hot tub?
    The women's tub was more fun and relaxing and while the co-ed tub was mainly older ...rotund gentlemen and gay dudes there was one hot guy there with his little kid.
    -oh yeah- and I got NEKKID!!!

  • Sparkplug
    Hinoki" it smells like pinyon and cedar. mmmmm I bought it while I was there.

    I bought the same in oil and lotion and lip balm. It reminds me of this resin I burn here at the house. I actually love it so much I could just drink it up. That is a good sales technique they have of filling all dispensers in the shower and mirrors full of the stuff.

    No, I did not go to the big naked room. Me and my partner in trouble, got a private tub. I thought about going back later on another day for a community tub, but ran out of time.

  • Sparkplug
    We were working at Bandolier Natn'l Mon

    Growing up we went there a lot for school trips.

  • Finally-Free
    So do you all get nekkid and rubbed often?

    Shit. Nevermind getting nekkid. That would be expecting too much. I'd be content to get rubbed once every 10 years.


  • Lo-ru-hamah

    My parents love to go to a place that is similar, there in New Mexico, Ojo Caliente. It has all kinds of different waters to soak in. They love it but your place looks really nice and you got to get nekkid. Did you try the cold dip?

    Sounds like a wonderful time.

    Lucky you,


  • Sparkplug

    Ooh the rubbing was the best. She rubbed with her whole arms and torso. It was absolutely amazing.

  • Sparkplug
    there in New Mexico, Ojo Caliente

    Awsome. I hear it is wonderful. I have a goal to get back to Santa Fe. I have no idea how I have drifted so far away. It was refreshing to see so many people doing their own thing and being so damn liberal it made me want to cry. Your parents live in NM? I wanted to try the cold dip and once out of the tub, I spotted it and paused to drop the kimono again and I made the mistake of touching the water first with my hand and HELL NO! There was no way I was putting all my warm and relaxed body parts into that freaking tub. Some things are better left rubbed!

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