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  • RaceBannon

    Johnny Quest was my favorite cartoon and RaceBannon is a good alias to have. I should clarify that I have cut ties with my "girlfriend". We are still friends but thats all.

    The cat is out of the bag so to speak and I won't lie about the relationship. I'll let it run its course, and if they df me then so be it. Thanks for the responses.

    I must say I am SHOCKED by all the responses. How many X's are out there? Must be a lot. I won't call you apostates or anything, I promise. I think the Witnesses have some truth, but not all, which of course, you cannot question or show doubt.

  • AuldSoul

    Hiya, Race! Welcome to the fray.

    Please, read. Digest what is written here. You will probably learn a lot about the doctrines and history of Jehovah's Witnesses that you never new before. I was baptized for 21 years and I know twice as much about the religion after one year than I learned in the entire 21 years I was baptized. I also found out I didn't know my Bible very well.

    Ask as many questions as you want and don't get put off by anyone's attitude, okay?


  • Keeli

    Welcome Race and after showing up for my dfing I wonder why anyone bothers to show up.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi Race, and welcome to the board. You are right actually, a lot of us are ex jws, and glad to be.

  • mouthy

    Welcome to the board!

  • happy1975

    Hi Race,

    Welcome to the board. Glad to have ya - the more the merrier. You'll find lots of information and support here. As an adult, I am so relieved that I NEVER again have to explain my choices in life to anyone. Just food for thought.


  • brutusmaximus


    Hope things work out ok for you and at the end of the day we were given free will so lets use it


  • delilah

    Welcome Race. Do as Poztate suggested"...IGNORE THEM.They only have the power that you choose to give them.

    Don't give the elders the satisfaction of DFing you. And, good luck...glad to have you here.

  • Cordelia

    I wouldnt get dfed if i were you if you have family in, its caused me so much hurt i so wish id just left

    seeing as you have been gone a while if you are not veiwed as a jw then they usually dont bother dfing you, altho if you are in contct with jws they may still consider you a 'unlevening' influence!!

    dfing does get rid of people mithering you but if you dont have to do it i would just ignore them they cant df you if they dont class you as a jw

  • Brigid


    Welcome. You'll find so many stories similar to yours. Pull up a chair and stay a while. It helps knowing there are others like you out here.

    Love and Light,


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