Cano Is The Tip Of the Iceberg

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  • BizzyBee

    Leave us not forget that the WTS sits in judgment of all witnesses by their practice of disfellowshipping - this is not an opinion, it is fact.

    And their stated rationale for sitting in judgment over their brothers?

    "To keep the congregation clean."

    And yet, Mr. Cano has been under their noses for - what? - 16 years - in the bosom of the Bethel Family - yet, with all the filth clinging to him, they couldn't sniff it out?

  • Satanus

    Mr. Cano has been under their noses for - what? - 16 years - in the bosom of the Bethel Family - yet, with all the filth clinging to him, they couldn't sniff it out?

    A Jehovah's holy spirit had a stuffed up nose for 16 yrs (in god's eyes, 16 yrs is like a second or so).

    B Cano had higher up connections.

    C Pedophilia is common in bethel.

    D Pedophilia is easy to hide as long as it's victims are jws, just threaten the victims w dffing.

    E Cano never really did any of it. It's an attack by satan and his agents on the heart of jehovah's earthly org. It's the sign that the end of the system is only weeks away.



  • Albert Lynch
    Albert Lynch

    I need some legal advice with a situation that happened around my area this week, that has to do with pedophiles in the organization.

    A young girl who I knew when I was involved with this cult, was a victim of molestation over the course of many years, by the same monster that molested her own mother when she was a child.

    This girl was so sweet, and quiet, you could hardly get a word out of her,but you knew she was being tormented by what happened to her.

    They disfellowshipped her and her mothers molester when he was in his nineties, much too late obviously.

    Now this girl who was screwed up by this has been charged this week with murdering her baby.

    I dont condone what she did, but somehow feel that the Lawyer thats defending her needs to know about her past. And this girl Im sure will never admit to anyone especially her lawyer that she was raped by a JW minister for years.

    Also of note is that the law firm thats representing her is world renown for class action law suites.

    Should I call this law office and let them know about what happened to this girl?

    Am I at any risk If I did this?

    Any help would be appreciated

  • Scully

    What a horrible situation, Albert Lynch.

    As far as legal advice goes, your best bet would be to talk to a lawyer (even calling Legal Aid and explaining the situation). You might also want to contact Kimberlee Norris who is a lawyer that is working on a lawsuit regarding child molestation among JWs.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Can we put this down to "one bad apple" take it out and still have confidence in the rest? Or can we say that there "are a few in every crowd" and shrug it off?

    I THINK NOT. The point is that J W's claim to be different. They say that they live in a spritual paradise that is supervised by the Almighty to keep it clean . Look at what last weeks WT study said.

    "Sincere people can now see the distinction between a righteous one and a wicked one....................the honesty , kindness peacefulness and diligence displayed by Jehovah's Witnesses are admired by unprejudiced onlookers". [ There followed 4 paragraphs saying how good they are]

    They claim to be the only religion directed by the Holy Spirit, they claim to special. When newbies are baptized they do nor expect to see news items like this ... it only shows their claim to be false. They Are human -no different to the world outside, with good and bad just like any other organization.

    My point is that I was always told that Jehovah picked the Elders in a sense they are blessed by him and the Congregation is blessed to have them, so why would Jehovah pick a child molester to lead his flock?

    This is exactly the reasoning that took me out of the B'org, obviously Jehovah has nothing to do with picking the Elders or God as we understand Him has nothing to do with the JW's or the WTS, period!

    This is a man made organization and of course there are deviant people in it as in all man made organizations. There is no God behind any religion if there is/was why wouldn't HE pick better?

    Kate, I think you're right about Blues Brother. He really did hit the nail on the head. He's a smart guy. I remember how shocked I felt when I finally realized this is not Jehovah's organization, and that they were no different than any other man-made organization. Not better. Not special. I think this is why they need to be exposed. For decades this sect has beat their chest about how special they are, how much better they are than the other 6 billion or so people on this planet. When confronted with arrogance, and a holier-than-thou attitude, it is human nature to demand more of them and when they fall short, to point out the failures by shouting it from the rooftops. My Bible said Jesus behaved similarly 2,000 years ago. Well no, they're not. They are facing the same problem as the Catholic church faced, and (big shock) they're handling it just as badly, if not worse.

  • rebel8

    It is so pathetic that the WTS continues to paint the RC molestation scandal as being soooo much worse than what is going on in the borg. Neither organization is blameless. They have both used archaic beliefs about sex and secrecy to the detriment of 1000s of victims.

    The positive thing I see on the RC side of the issue is that the rank and file don't go around denying reality, for the most part anyway. Most RCs don't read about a priest molestation story in the newspaper and claim it's Satan influencing people to make up lies.

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