Cano Is The Tip Of the Iceberg

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  • DannyHaszard
    My point about the Catholic church is that this is small potatoes in comparison. Yet, they have rebounded. To faithful Catholics, it has been their cross to bear.

    Yes because they faced the music I am from Boston Mass when/where it started.The Catholic church is perceived as benevolent overall with mega charities the Jehovah's Witnesses are everywhere in your face with their bullshit pissing people off.

    I anti-watchtower picketed the most busy intersection in Bangor Maine for months back in 2001 before 9-11 the motorist and passerbys cheered me they hate JW's and for good reason.

  • minimus

    Wasanelder, I LOVE my Blondie. We're just conversing. That's all!

  • DannyHaszard

    Jehovah’s Witnesses go door to door as part of their faith to recruit converts,this includes members who are suspected and convicted pedophiles! This will scare the shit outta the general public pedophile priest don't call on your door.

  • purplesofa

    Since the Cano case has become public it will be used as an example that evildoers will austerely be put out of the organisation and not covered up.

    This makes me think..............Why would Jehovah use people from the world to expose something within his organization? If worldy people are so evil......heck, just let him do what he pleases.....the jokes on the WTS!!

    We are all on this planet together........its time the WTS recognizes they will not be isolated. Like I said before, how convenient to throw out their "undesireables" and let the "worldy" people pick up the pieces.


  • blondie

    Sorry, wasa, just presenting another side to the situation. This is more than just beating up one pedophile hiding in a clergy protected setting. Whether it is the WTS, the RC, the Mormon Church, Lutheran and Baptist churches, Hare Krishna, any religious organization that hides behind the clergy/penitent laws to protect the known molesters in their midst to protect their "reputation" should be fought.

    If you live near Jersey City, NJ, think about visiting the SNAP conference 7-21/23.

  • Axelspeed
    These Catholics who believed their religion, their faith is pure or right, did not indict their religion which they believe to be the true faith. You did not hear how millions of Catholics believe their Church is rotten from within now.

    In some ways we are talking apples and oranges here. The r&f mindset of the average Catholic is completely different from the r&f mindset of the average JW. Most Catholics, unlike most JWs, have no problem acknowledging that their religion has flaws. In fact they may, especially in this country, openly defy official church policy on issues they feel strongly about. Most just see Catholicism as a way to infuse some spirituality into their lives. Many like it because of the tradition. Most Catholics don't have to believe their religion is rotten from within, they already know its not perfect and have very little expectation of perfection. In return they fully expect to live their own lives in unjudgemental fashion, not judging or being judged, realizing that they are not capable or have any wish to live up to any unreachable standard of piety and self-denial. Yes, of course they are repulsed by pedophile priest in there ranks. But they do not have to indict their whole religion, because they already know their religion is indictable on so many levels -- just look at the history, they can read too. Still they choose to stay because they want to, and, I might add, on their own terms as expressed though their actions. They live grace-based, not performance-based, and extend that same standard to the Church.

    JWs on the other hand, refuse or very grudgingly, acknowledge any flaws in the religion. Why? Because it is all about pretense. It is what separates them from everybody else. They have a vested interest in making sure the religion stays un-indictable, and so they refuse to indict it themselves even when the evidence is staring them in the face. The JWs are measuring themselves and others with a totally different ruler than what Catholics are using. All they have is a supposed credibility which is shrinking measurably. On top of that they are a performance-based religion, and the r&f are tired of performing. JWs are a end time religion whose expiration date is closing in. It will be around for some time, but whether it stays in its current form is highly doubtful. Time is not on their side, the attitudes of JWs of today are very different from even a few years ago.

    For many of us on this board, what is coming out is absolutely shocking by our old JW standard. But as more of these reports come out, this will be old hat (for lack of a better term) with tomorrow's JW. This is about credibility. Tomorrow's JW will realize that they are indictable, and will live their lives in less judgemental and more social ways than we ever did. JWs are already changing...from the bottom up.

    Just my 2


  • metatron

    I work with some gay people - and have no problem with them. They come to work and pay mortgages like everybody else. No big deal.

    However, it should be clear that that isn't the case with the Watchtower and its ceaseless pretensions, which is my point.


  • minimus

    My mom, who'll be 80 next week thinks anyone in the Org. that touches kids should be df'd. BUT, she acknowledges that not everybody in the Org. whether they be Bethelites or typical publishers might be good. As long as "Jehovah" roots out these types, all will be well. And yes, Jehovah has used the superior authorities to accomplish his will, to be his servant and executioner......Believe me, this type of situation is easy for the lawyers and "Slave" to deal with.

  • metatron

    I would also ask, what does it mean when you see a mouse loose in your kitchen? or a cockroach? Do you think you've seen

    the only one? or does logic tell you that many more are hidden?


  • Inquisitor

    Ah, ic <retracts claws>


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