Latest News In JW Sex Scandal

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  • JWdaughter

    I was wondering if Cano was disfellowshipped 'scripturally', or if he was thrust out because of legal evidence. Legal evidence would not necessarily constitute biblical grounds according to the society.

  • Sweetp0985
    Wouldn't this be a good time for each of us to contact the police their individually and tell them that there are thousands of instances of child abuse on record in Bethel? Also these cases were in many states so wouldn't the FBI be interested?

    I'm sure they've either hidden or shredded these files by now...but it would be very very nice if the FBI or someone could get their hands on these files...The X-Dub Files....

  • DannyHaszard
    DannyHaszard Danny Haszard activist thread go here for more intell We now have two links for further information on the Cano case.

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