Operation Tomorrow

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  • codeblue

    Hope the surgery goes well and your recovery is fast

    Sending you many positive thoughts!!!

    ...and many hugs too!!!

  • Warlock


    Think of all the love thoughts you have been getting today and even more tomorrow. We will be waiting for you here.


  • Alleymom

    Annie --

    Praying that all will go well tomorrow!

    I'm going to add a link to this thread onto tonight's Vigil thread.

    Love and blessings,

  • restrangled

    Best wishes for a quick and painless recovery!!!! Try to get some sleep tonight if possible.


  • Sunspot

    Thank you, thank you, thank you ALL who took the time and love to reply! If you only knew how very MUCH it meant to me.....coming back and finding these wonderful thoughts from truly wonderful people.

    Grace, I saw your post about the picketing! It (and YOU) blew me away! I SO admire you, more and more as time goes by, and your terrific spirit and your spunk are awe-inspiring to me.

    I decided to come to my thread to "check in" before I posted on yur thread---and then I find your beautiful prayer for me. I can't begin to describe how you made me feel this evening. I had to go find the Kleenex box. Dearest Grace...you are a true and very special gem in a box of jewels AND you have a very special heart.

    I might as well go ahead and tel you the rest....and how I LOVE your straight-from-the-hip way of saying just what you need to! I am honored to be counted among your friends. How I would enjoy sitting down and sharing a cup of coffee with you.....and hearing all about the experiences you have had, all the ones that I have not yet heard. Thank you for BEING you.

    I have to admit, for somebody who chose to leave a demanding and controlling cult and lost 30 years of friends.....I am often overwhelmed at the new and thoughtful friends that have far surpassed those I thought I had before.

    The love and compassion of former JWs should set an example for current JWs on how to BE friends. No conditions or stipulations, and the freedom the BE different and to THINK differently on any number of things. How much we have all missed in being around "the friends" and always having to watch what we say and do or risk a little "talking to" in the Library after the meeting.

    If I sound like a babbling old lady....what can I tell ya? I 'm exhausted and a bit scared over what's been happening to me these last few months.....and I am so grateful for who and for what I have found here that I never expected to in a million years!

    When I feel better I have decided to put my ugly mug up for all to see. My daughter (NOT the super-fine-pioneer-perfect-elderette-that-shuns-me daughter) came up from FL last week . The date for the operation has been changed and changed again...so she just got the time off from work and made plans to be here with her fiance and my 11-year-old grandson!

    Anyway.....hubby took pix of us down by the Lake (Ontario). I have not seen them yet, they are still in his camera.... the kind with no film. With all the running from here to there and back again, getting me ready for the big day, he hasn't had the time to do whatever it is to get them into the computer! (Dontcha just LOVE my tech-talk?)

    I so enjoy the pix of others here....(are there ANY bad-looking former JWs on here? You are all so great looking! I MEAN that!) So I'm trying to summon up the courage to have mine posted too. I really don't have anything to hide or anyone to hide FROM....

    SO LET my pitiful and self-righteous JW family HAVE their hissy fits and keep their warm and fuzzy emails concerning me keep on flying through the air! It will only give them five million MORE hateful things to say about me, LOL! And I don't GIVE a flyin' Irish hoot about what "THEY THINK" any more! I don't know why I worried about it for the almost seven years I've been "out" of their nasty and judgmental cult anyways.

    I'll try and get back here at least once more.....the surgery isn't until late in the afternoon....I thought that was kind of weird....every other surgery I've had has been like 6:00 AM!

    love 'n' hugs to ALL,


  • Es

    All the best sunspot have missed you round here

    Keep us posted when you can

    luv es

  • AuldSoul


    I just saw the thread. You will have my prayers. And whatever else you need that I have, too. Like and and (if my wife lets me) but at least whether or not she lets me and the of my heart.

    Get better.


  • parakeet

    sunspot: ***I will see you ASAP and when I can prop this old body up in front of this terrific machine....***
    Hey, sunspot, I'm in my mid-50s; 64 looks mighty young from where I'm standing!
    You sound like you have the right attitude to come through this surgery with flying colors. Your fears are nomal and in no way make you a "whiner." Best of luck to you with your surgery. My thoughts will be with you tomorrow.

  • bebu

    Big ((((hugs)))) to you, ((((((((Annie))))))))), and I echo mouthy's prayer too!

    Hmmmm... It's funny that when we are not the one who is going to face surgery that it sounds so ordinary. But when it is US... It gets so scary!

    God knows where you are, and what you are going thru. He's with you at every step.

    Looking forward to seeing our special sunspot return...!!


  • Scully

    Look after yourself Annie! We'll be eager to hear news from you, and hope your surgery is totally successful!

    Hugs, Scully

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