My mom is stepping up her not-so-subtle mind games with kids.

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  • ithinkisee

    Thanks ... we'll see what happens. Haven't heard any response back so far yet.

    Yesterday my oldest child was reading a book that my mom got for her. As she was reading a little note fell out that said, "We Miss You!". It was small enough that it went undetected when we scanned everything for guilt-inducing paraphernalia. While the note in itself doesn't seem that harmful - it actually is when in tandem with the WT literature she included and the pictures of "Witness" family members all doing fun stuff together in our old town. The purpose of those things is to make my daughter mad at us for moving her away.

    It is one of the few times our daughter has cried because she misses our old town.

    So that was why I left that message yesterday on her phone. We'll have no more of it.

    I am sure she is passing my voicemail around to family up there and saying that I cut her off.

    Oh well.


  • sass_my_frass
    I am sure she is passing my voicemail around to family up there and saying that I cut her off.

    ... and it's weird, but this is actually one of the biggest things that's annoying me now. I doubt my mum will reply to my email (and if she does it will be incomprehensible hysteria), but I made a special effort to make sure that nothing from it could be cut-and-pasted to take anything I said out of context. Still it doesn't matter, because as far as they're concerned I abandoned them, and that's how they're going to spin it to everybody who asks. I've had a campaign with my non-witness family for a year, just being in touch, being a nice niece, but I'll bet she will talk herself into a whole lot of lies and feel okay about spreading them. This bothered me for a long time but I've just started wondering why I worry about what these people think of me. To correct it, I'd have to be petty and tedious myself. I'd rather that I just get on with a peaceful life with my new people, who are all way beyond her radar. Really, why should we care what they say about us, back there in our old life, which we couldn't keep living, and where we wouldn't want to go back?

    When the girls are old enough to understand, and far enough out of the cong. to have opened their minds to new ideas, I bet you'll be thinking of ways to make sure they understand what really went down. In the meantime, enjoy your new freedom to be a healthy family!

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