Update! Attending Sunday Meeting and Loving it!

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  • LovesDubs

    There used to be a sister in our hall named Arlene Payne. She used to prefer to sit in the back of the hall. It only took one time for a brother to call on her pointing at her location for the MS with the mike, and saying "Your answer, Sister Payne in the rear?" She never sat back there again!

    LOL! Congratulations you are now officially Brother Pain in the Rear! Excellent answer! I am so proud of you for having the brass to say what you feel. I tend to walk on eggs wanting to NOT rock the boat. Well....the damn boat HAS been rocked as far as its going to BE rocked in my JW family and life so I have nothing else to lose! This is why the Organization wont let their R&F talk to Dfd DAd or "spiritually weak" ones.....we ARE DANGEROUS!

    I have a friend who was a JW her whole life. Her whole family was in. Her JW husband died of cancer a bit after she herself DAd in 99. Through her careful and patient application of subtle pressure and carefully researched topics she gently introduced new perspectives to her JW parents and siblings. Her parents "saw it" and faded away. Her brother in law picked up on her research and slammed the elders with reems of information he had found, copied and shown them in meeting after meeting after meeting. Eventually he and his wife stopped going to meetings too. The elders had no answers for anything he presented to them, things like the United Nations stumped them. Now 5 years later, the entire family is out, nobody was DAd or DFd and they have the joy of freedom AND have their family too! I gotta tell ya Im so jealous of them! Perhaps you too can be a success story!


  • tan

    Great job! Did you get a response from your in-laws?

  • aniron


    Well one thing about it.

    They damn well won't be picking you to answer another question.

  • LittleToe

    That's one sure way to ensure they don't "encourage" you to answer up. Chances are that they aren't going to "encourage" you out on Field Service, either, unless accompanied by an Elder - LOL

    Well done - excellent answer!

  • done4good

    Nice job, Drew. Maybe someday I'll have the balls to do something like that.

    - A little hard though when one stops attending meetings. (I stopped in January).


  • freetosee

    Very good, I which I was there. What did they say after the meeting was over? Freetosee

  • nowisee

    right on. that was great. keep those stories coming!

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Thanks for all the compliments! It means alot to me.
    If I can encourage any of you that are still going to meetings all I can say is this, start getting 'out there'. How great would it be if we all just stepped it up a bit? One thing I was doing while I was still giving talks was ONLY using information from other sources, not Watchtower stuff. People really enjoyed it but had no clue it was coming from the great harlot.
    By the way, guess what's this weekend??? My District Convention! Can't wait for more fun and adventures. I'll make sure to get an extra copy of the new book. I haven't seen it on the web yet! (or has it?)

  • xjwms


    At first I did'nt know what to think

    If you keep this up.......maybe more from the cong will....."see the light"

    go for it

  • Warlock


    It wasn't in the paragraph, BUT IT WAS IN THE BIBLE, SO, IT WAS THE CORRECT ANSWER.


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