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  • sistab_b

    Really I didn't realize until now that all of this was total JW bashing. I have been inactive for about 5 years. I attend meetings every six or seven months, but with no consistency. I have seen some things that have really dissappointed me since leaving the truth. I didn't do it on purpose. It just happened over a period of time. I started going back to school because I got tired of being broke. I started missing meetings because I was just too tired..finally finished school, but I had gotten out of the habit of attending the meetings. I still miss the calm of the Kingdom Hall. So I guess I can't be of much help here, but I can tell you that you have all been a great help to me. I realize now that I have more to do with my time than lashing out at JW's....

    Sorry...I mean I expected that there would be opinions from both sides, but I should have known better...that there really isn't a place for someone like me here...but for the ex-brother that posted here that doesn't want to disassociate himself in order not to loose his parents....living a lie isn't worth it...I am sure although they don't want to give up on you...hey they know....I donno maybe these people here can help you or something..you know justify your feelings so you can sleep at night....yeah hope you find what your looking for....

  • IronClaw

    Welcome In Between,

    I have recently disassociated myself. I can tell you as many here will, that you will make new UNconditional friends as you go on. Hang in there.

    The Claw.

  • ferret

    Hi In Between and welcom to the board. I can appreciate your feelings as you have just recently faded. It's 26 years for me now since leaving (got booted) and the first while you think about the big A coming. then as time goes on and you clear the cobwebs from your mind you stop worrying about it and start living your life the way you want and should. As time goes on you will really begin to enjoy this new found freedom. Stay close by this sight and you will really learn the truth about their so called "truth".

    Know the truth and the truth will set you free. All the best to you. You will find ten friends here for every one you have lost. By the way if you have lost them they never were really your friends.


  • Calliope

    Hi Inbetween and welcome.

    some of the best friends i've made since fading are ex-wits, so stay a while, you'll probably find the same...


  • Quandry

    Howdy from Texas--yes, the feelings of being crushed due to the unkind treatment of those in the Hall is very hard to take. I went through over a year of total depression after deciding not to return to the K. Hall. I am now coming out of it, and partly responsible is this forum. I never dreamed there were people who felt like I do.

    I now look back and am ashamed of the smug actions on my part, as I had been trained to look at those who had poor meeting attendance as less than good associates. I think I was just mad that I had to run home from work and run around like an idiot getting ready for the meeting, not even getting to talk to my family except to say, "HURRY UP" and get ready, and they weren't doing it!!!

  • Rabbit

    Welcome, In Between !

    The reasons you listed were some of the main reasons I came here over 2 years ago. It was scary for me, too. In my case I was sure a 'demon' would leap of of the screen (think Stargate 1) into my neck. Nothing bad happened. I got the badly needed support I needed.

    For me, I had just lost my marriage (unscriptural divorce) my children and all my JW relatives going back 4 generations. What started all that was not going to meetings, then, not at all. During all that, my Mom died, needing a simple blood transfusion, lies were told by WT Elders to my non-JW Dad about what 'alternatives' like hemoglobin she could have taken...those lies ended my mother's life.

    That was my "last straw".

    Sistab_b above noted truthfully that there is some "JW bashing" here on this site. There are active JW's who come here to refute and defend their faith, too. And many, many different points of view 'in between' (couldn't help myself) , but, THAT is the true beauty. I doubt seriously, if anyone could find 2 people here with the same beliefs. Except the active JW's...and even they are not faithfully following the WTS's commandments to "stay away from any 'un-official' JW website".

    Here...no one needs be in "lock-step" with everybody else. Here we can be individuals. I like that.

    So, please don't be shocked at some of the "bashing". Please, Sistab_b, understand there are people here that are in terrible heart-rending pain over the "bashing" they have received in their life as a JW. They have lost their children, spouses, fathers, mothers, brothers & sisters and friends... I also include the ones who have died, thru suicide, not being able to receive organ transplants, (then, that changed) and of course, blood transfusions.

    It takes a while to get over senseless deaths. If some of us are angry, let us be angry.


  • sunshineToo


    This isn't jw bashing. We are just stating the facts. Besides it is the jws who do more than enough bashing on other religions regularly, don't you think?

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  • Fleur

    sistahb_ sounds like you're still very much in the JW mindset and maybe you're not ready for the truth about "The Truth". Rabbit summed it up better than I ever could...

    Some of the people I love most in the world are JW's, my whole family. But the bottom line was that they would have me stay with an abusive man to satisfy their brand of justice and I wouldn't do it so I lost my family. So yeah, i'm angry. But I don't hate them. If you read a bit more here you might find that you can identify with some of the people here even if not all of us.

    Welcome, Inbetween. I am a bit confused by the wording of your first post...are you comparing leaving the JW's to Anakin turning to the dark side?

    If that's so, I think that with some time away, and with more reading and understanding, you will have a whole new perspective on what is light and what is darkness. Leaving the Org. was, for me, stepping from the deepest darkness into the light. I won't ever go back into the dark.

    Welcome to the forum.



  • OnTheWayOut

    Welcome another person who is starting down the correct path. I hope your friend comes around, I am certain I will soon have the same problems with my best friend (JW).

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