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  • daystar

    Glad you're having an awesome time! Wish I was there.

    Sorry about the dubs. I'll try not to ship any your way next time.

  • Balsam

    Good to hear your alive and Mom has not killed you yet. Your grandpa sounds cool, hey can you move in with them? Hope they are not JW's. Good to have good grandparents. Wouldn't you know it running in to a bunch of JW on a cruise. LOL


  • Severus

    Richie's is cruising the Arctic with a bunch of JWs.

    If that isn't a social metaphor...

  • Sunnygal41

    LMAO.....Richie you are hysterical!! Can you imagine how freaky that was to happen?? I mean, meeting maybe one dub family, okay.......meeting a whole group.......now that's just too serendipitous! Glad to hear you haven't been attacked by a moose or fallen into a glacial crack yet.........and especially glad that you are experiencing the incredible beauty up there.......make sure we get some enjoyment.......take pictures and share them!! LOL!

    One of your many virtual moms,


  • RichieRich

    Alive and well here in the internet cafe once more.

    Yes, those little 12-20 asian girls are something. I was talking to one young lady, and my grandfather happened to eye me. Later on, he told me that while he wasn't in charge of me, he would advise against me pursuing anything with one of those girls (duh). When I asked why, he said, "Well, you ever seen a hot 50 year old asian?" point well taken.

    The only hot 50 year old anything I've seen is a car.... so theres that.

    And yeah, there are dubs everywhere, but I don't have to spend too much time with them anyway because I'm in the Casino, or at the bar, or in some show (where offensive material mught be discussed) or getting some sort of body part massaged (which might lead to fornication ( I hope)).

    We dock back in Seattle Sunday morning, as all good things must come to an end.

    Talk to you kids later.....

  • daniel-p

    Well, Ritchie, be sure to keep us up to date (like, if by chance you were to seduce a young JW woman on the boat) of all the great things you see and hear (like some JW kids getting ripped at the full bar late at night) and other encouraging experiences.

  • VM44

    What are JWs in Alaska called?

    ANS: Dubsicles!


  • sass_my_frass

    Nice one, wow you handled the witnesses really well! 'Yeah, the first thing I want from you strangers is lessons in why my mother doesn't talk to me any more'.

    it was pretty much cooler than anything you've ever done

    I accept your challenge! I'll go to Alaska and you go to New Zealand and we'll compare stories.

    See it's not so bad out there!

  • Crumpet

    Can we expect any photos? Just want to be sure you aren't wasting away!

  • Dismembered

    Greetings RR,

    :Yeah, it was pretty much cooler than anything you've ever done.

    Hmm! Ever been to Orient Beach on the Isle if St. Martin? Very stimulating. Hope your having fun! Dismembered

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