For Sh***ing One - Do I represent Christ Properly?

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    Oh, thank goodness. I was sweating bullets there for a moment. My passion is clarity. Clarity in writing has led to clarity in thought.

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    Shining One, I'll try and explain my question more clearly using some of your replies:

    Let me give you just a few of the scriptures confirming Jesus as the son of God

    You went off on a tangent there, whether Jesus is the Son of God isn't in question, but since you mentioned it, just because He IS the Son of God doesn't necessarily mean that He is the ONLY way to God - it is only because Jesus made that statement Himself that I believe it.

    He said, "I am the door", do you see the context of your question?

    In the context of my question - WHERE is the door found?! The Bible? Church? Elsewhere? Everywhere?

    This was just before He raised Lazarus. This is one of the seven statements in John where Jesus uses "I am" which is saying that He is God. It is the same as Exodus 3:14 where God told Moses, "I am".

    I don't recall but you probably will - has jgnat denied Jesus' divine nature anywhere? References please!

    The Bible shows clearly that Jesus is the messiah, the savior of all mankind. That is what it teaches. That is why His followers were encouraged to 'preach the gospel and God's kingdom' to all nations.

    And your point is? The only one I can draw from this statement is that you suggest the gospel can't be preached without the Bible. In which case I refer to my previous quote:

    'Preach the Gospel wherever you go. Use words if neccessary'
    Francis of Assissi

    Now to your comment on jgnat's reply:

    >Jesus said 'No-one comes to the Father except through me' BUT is 'mainstream' Christianity (I use that term loosely!) and the Bible the ONLY way to come to Christ?

    Your answer:

    >I THINK NOT. Paul said that creation shouts of the existence of God. People can see it if they are looking. Acts 17.

    What a total and complete misapplication of scripture! What kind of a Christian believes that there is more than one way to God? That is either rank stupidity or heretical contrivance. You just sealed my case with that FIRST sentence.

    She didn't say anywhere in her reply that there is more than one way to God, she said there are other ways than the Bible/church to come TO CHRIST - who is the only way to God. She recognises that Jesus Christ is not confined to the written page or to men's minds or to buildings. She also recognises His divine nature.

    I still await your reply to the question I asked

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    bttt for Shining One!

    I still await your reply to the question I asked


    emo doesn't forget easily!

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    Pretty please?!!!!!!!

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    Still awaiting your reply S.O........

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    Guess not-so-shining one has no reply to my question.

    Possible options -

    Too dim to understand a plain enough question.

    The answer he will give is the answer I suspected he might - which will put him right on the spot for the accusation of Bibliolatry which has been directed at him by many posters.

    He's shunning me

    I'm glad I know more Christians of jgnat's 'variety' than yours, shunning one. If they were all like you, I'd be an atheist.

    1 Corinthians 13.

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