Your Gift/Talent (or similar)

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  • Mary
    Luna said: I absolutely cannot think of anything I'm talented at enough to mention can tell the nut and bolt guy off pretty good.......and you put up with KW13's smartassed comments better than I do.

    *me thinks KW wants ta ask you out, but he jes doesn't know how.....too fixated on what Gumby does for a livin'.*

  • Lapuce

    My talents, I guess fixing stuff and organizing, I get to do alot of that at work and others ask me to give them ideas often.

    Well....I can draw.;P

    Other then that....hmmm, I don't. I'm a good listener, is that a talent?lol

    Well Lilycurly, my nephew is also on this site and does the same type of drawings, he is designing a tattoo for me at this time... well still waiting for it, but he's working on it... loll If you want I'll send you the link by e-mail as he has the same family name and dont want to alert all the elders around my area!!!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    After growing up with everyone telling me I was stupid I have discovered there are many things I am good at.

    I know:

    • I was a really good sign language interpreter. Now I'm rusty due to lack of use.
    • I was a really good counsellor.
    • I am pretty good at building things (desk, bookshelf, a shed)
    • I can open the CPU, take everything out and put it back together and it will still work
    • I am pretty at photo editing and restoration

    luna - try thinking of what you really enjoy doing. That is where you will most often find your talent.

  • Jourles

    I can mix a wicked cocktail.

  • ButtLight
    I can mix a wicked cocktail.

    Im good at drinking them! I like to sing, think i do a pretty good job. I like to write poems, got a few published. And my new hobby is making canes, all hand carved. Just got my "budlight" cane finished.

  • serendipity

    My gifts are kind of boring and related to my job in software development: i.e. I write a good requirements document and I'm great at handling issues and identifying risks for projects. I can also see the forest AND the trees.

    Outside of work, don't really have any gifts, don't excel in any one area, but I know how to balance all my responsibilities.

    I guess I should develop some interesting hobby, like naked body part painting, or something.

  • juni

    Looked at your site Lil and you do have talent!! Love your themes.

    I love to do floral design, used to sew a lot for the kids and myself, made curtains, bedspreads, motorcycle seats, pop up camper canvas sides, re upholstering. Stenciling. I can only draw stick people. Use to cut hair.


  • Lilycurly

    Lapuce- Yeah! I'd love to see what he does. It's a small world!

    And thanks people. Hehe, and sorry about the little bit of self-promotion. A talent I would love to have singing, I like singing, but I just can't! That's

  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?

    I can type 80 words per minute.

    (That sounds like a really sad "talent" but it is useful for my work ....)


  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?

    Oh yeah, and I also meant to say: Lily, that your art is AMAZING.

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