may i say hello?!?

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  • AudeSapere

    Hi Isthisit -

    Welcome to JWD. It's nice to have you along.

    I think you will benefit from the collective experience here. Posit your thoughts and discuss to your heart's content.

    Congrats on the education that you've gotten already.

    -AudeSapere (meaning: Dare to Know; Dare to Have Wisdom/Understanding)

  • Theocrat

    hehe some may take the sense of my forum name incorrectly. I'm a theocrat in the sense that I believe God's Kingdom is the only answer to mankind's problems. Someone who serves the WTS can hardly be called a "theocrat". "Constituant" would be the better term.

  • AuldSoul


    I recommend you take some time with this. If you are anything like me, the duplicity you will be forced into for a while will be smothering and seem unbearable at times, but the end result will have a potentially better outcome than I have had.

    One thing to remember is, first and foremost, if you choose to leave the religion the choices other people make are not your fault. You are not leaving them if they cut you off. At first post, you strike me as the sort of person who won't abandon friends just because of a religion. That is great. Some of your friends may not abandon you, but you can comfort yourself with the fact that any who do cut YOU off, you have those who don't cut you off as proof that you didn't cut anybody off from you.

    The religion separates and divides. It sees everything as black-and-white, us-and-them, friend-or-foe. You seem already to have come to terms with the fallacy of that viewpoint. That is good. It is a very healthy realization.

    I'm 33, married, and 4th gen (on both sides). I DA'd in December of 2005, and while I miss my family terribly (everyone but my wife and a few ACTUAL friends chopped me off cold-turkey) I can honestly say I haven't once wondered whether I should go back. I will never be one of JWs again.

    It is tough to be in a family full of people who believe in Shangri La, just over that next ridge in history, come to kill everyone that isn't like them. It is doubly tough to admit that you don't believe in Shangri La anymore.

    Welcome. Feel free to vent by PM if you need to. Or vent here. One of the best ways to hang on a little longer is to find another outlet before you blow up at them.


  • Calliope


    please do stay. there is so much to learn and such awesome friends to make.


  • isthisit

    thank you for the welcomes :) it is nice to know i can be myself here instead of the front i have to put up at the hall week in week out. i'll eventually be more open about myself, but sufficed to say i am 22 and lonely :), it is nice to be welcomed amongst friends...

  • Fleur

    Yes, most definitely say hello :)

    I am sorry that you are in the situation that you are but you are very fortunate to have your education! I wonder how you got away with that being your dad is the PO (or maybe that's how you got away with it? I've seen that sometimes 'membership has its priveleges as they say) My ex's dad was the PO for years and he got away with lots of stuff...when I left, I didn't even get to DA myself. They ignored my letter and announced me as DF'd I'm sure to make an example out of me, because of who I was related to.

    From your story it sounds like we have a lot in common. All I can tell you as someone who is on the path further down on the journey you're taking, is take it slow and fade if you can. I couldn't. But esp. if you're going to be traveling soon (away from family and familiar people?) then that might be your chance to start to fade and no one will realize it's happening.

    It's not an easy thing to do, leaving this thing, whatever you want to call it. Especially when family roots run so deep (mine do too, generations-wise). Just know in your heart that even if the road is hard, you can get out.

    Read as much as you can here and see different ways people have made their exit. Fading is the way to go if you can get away with it and you want to keep in close contact with your family. But whatever happens, know that you can survive it and have a very happy and 'normal' life on the other side of the looking glass.



  • DesertRat

    Hello & welcome! You have come to the right place.

    I myself have been here for only a relatively short time, but already have found MORE support & encouragement than in my last two or three years as an active JW..

    Please stick around--you won't be disappointed..



  • freetosee

    Hello and Welcome!


  • Es

    welcome to the board, i think once you start travelling you will find the strength to leave, you will see how much the world has to offer and you will never want to go back

    all the best


  • mouthy

    Welcome aboard isthisit!!!!(((HUG)) I can hug you as I am the Granny on board. This site is filled with loving ,caring folks who will love you what ever you think .Thay have given you good advice take your time, no rush about making up your mind. I will say ( only because I did this in the first place when I was "lost" outside of the WT) Do Pray!!!! If your not sure who to Pray to ask the Creator of the Heavens & guide ,lead, & direct.... (((((((((((BIG HUGS))))))


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