may i say hello?!?

by isthisit 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • delilah

    Welcome to the board, isthisit. You can let it all out yourself.

  • Quandry

    Nice to kinda meet you. I was also a lurker but a couple of weeks ago also began posting. Am also still "in." My husband was an elder for many years. Something horrible happened to my family. Haven't been able to talk about it yet. In addition, my husband was conductor of everything, oversaw the starting of a new cong., helped many people, etc. When he got sick, his fellow elders were cold to the extreme. They acted like he was worldly staying home from the meetings. Most did not call or come to see him. He was not able to get to meetings for awhile, even cried because he knew how they felt about him. Both of us are no longer active. I am the one who read the "forbidden" information about the U.N., etc. but told him about it. Evidently there are many of us.......

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