CAT or DOG - Why?

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  • hamsterbait

    I am amazed at the almost complete polarization between cat and dog lovers.

    I know few who love both.

    Cat lovers argue that cats are more intelligent than dogs. Dog lovers argue that dogs are more curious than cats.

    Would Cat lovers love Hyenas more if they knew they were genetically cats?

    Would Doggy ones love Meerkats more if they knew they were canines??

    My Grandfather was a pianist. The dog had to be locked out when he practiced, or it howled. The pussycat snoozed in the fruitbowl on the piano, and when she decided he had done enough, she climbed on his knees, and pushed his hands up off of the keys.

    Why do cats line up dead rodents ( sorry - pause to de-traumatize) on the door mat. Dogs just eat them.

    Come on Doggy and Pussy folks - What is your take and why?


    PS - Sorry for the Sunday Talk Outline quality of the grabber.

  • rebel8

    I love both (cats and dogs). It seems to me that dogs often want to please their owners, while cats just want to avoid punishment and get attention. I've had a number of cats and they are pretty loyal, stay by my side much of the time, and lash out if they think someone is threatening me.

    Pussy folks

  • kristyann

    I would prefer dogs to cats, in general (unless it was a pitbull or something). Dogs are just more fun. Even though dogs sleep a lot, too, cats tend to sleep MUCH more. Plus they just creep me out. I don't know... I find them creepy and sneaky and gross. (Although dogs are gross, too, but not creepy or sneaky, generally).

    Plus... I know this is sort of a stereotype... but I associate cats with old ladies or recluses or something! (I'm sorry, no offense to any of you that like cats, I know plenty of people that own them aren't recluses or old ladies and I should really get that stereotype out of my head).

  • serendipity

    I slightly prefer cats over dogs. I don't want either in my house due to their parasites, drool and other bodily emissions.


    Dogs rule, cats drool!

    Dogs are by far much more fun. When was the last time you walked a cat.

    Dogs stick their heads out of moving car windows, and the wind blows the ears over. I don't know why I posted this, but it just makes me laugh everytime I see this happen.

    Dogs are much better property watchers than cats.

    Dogs are Americans, and cats are French (so says Robin Williams, so don't yell at me over this one).

    Dogs can be taught to do useful things, cats are pretty much useless things.

    What is more, look at all the animal movies/animated films. Observe how many times the cat is the antagonist, eg. Lady & the Tramp, An American Tail.

    Dogs are simply much cooler than cats.

  • fullofdoubtnow
    When was the last time you walked a cat.

    I have never walked a cat. I have, however, just walked my dog. I don't mind cats, but I prefer dogs.

  • sammielee24

    I love them both - I've always had both at the same time. The reason I love the equally is that both offer up unconditional love and affection in different ways. In my previous residence, I had 2 dogs and 2 cats...and every night after work, they would all be at the door to greet me. They all slept on the bed and I must say that the cats took up less room than the dogs.. The cats didn't drool or go outside and get wet and then come in with muddy feet and stink up the house but they didn't play ball outside or swim at the beach. They all did like going for car rides though...

    I would probably take a cat at this point over a dog simply because of life style. It's easier to take care of cats than dogs since dogs have to go outside to do their business but cats - well, fill up the litter box, put out auto dispensers of food and water - some toys - and if you are late getting home or going away for the night, they don't need a baby sitter.


  • Fleur
    What is more, look at all the animal movies/animated films. Observe how many times the cat is the antagonist, eg. Lady & the Tramp, An American Tail.

    To rebutt, Sir, I offer you Seargent Tibbs from 101 Dalmations, and all of the Aristocats LOL

    I love dogs and cats. We have a cat currently and I would love to get a dog but we can't here due to our lease.

    Our cat is very dog like. He will approach when called (80 percent of the time, anyway) he is not at all aloof and loves to play, he must be around us or he gets lonely, and he's definitely not sneaky. He's indoors only but he has his claws and lots of towers and such to climb on so his life is very full and happy.

    He loves to watch television. He is especially obsessed with baseball. I swear, when the Ump makes a call he dislikes, he smacks at the screen like he's saying "He was safe, you idiot!"

    I had a dog as a child...that's a sad story. Would love to have another someday...a dachsund or pom or maybe a little pudgy can definitely count me as somebody who loves both cats and dogs.

    Our cat wants a dog, too. His foster family had them before we got him. He always runs up to them when he sees them on tv and tries to play LOL.


  • bubble

    I love cats they are cuter and cleaner than dogs.

    They purr to show they love you and they are low maintenance as they pretty much look after themselves.

    Also dogs stink, don't say they don't because they do!

  • lucky
    When was the last time you walked a cat.

    Believe it or not, my husband takes our cat on a walk every night. Our cat had a severe allergic reaction to his shots, so we don't give them to him anymore. He loves to go outside, though, so we figured this was a good compromise, to make sure he doesn't come in direct contact with other cats or catch any rabies-carrying critters. He's pretty darn cute with his little leash. Sometimes he gets enthralled with a bush or something and stops and rolls around, and once in awhile he tries to take off after a bunny or a chipmunk, but for the most part, he walks right along at a pretty good pace. We get lots of interesting comments from people in the neighborhood!

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