My Wife's reaction to the Revelation Book news

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  • under_believer

    Joe, I'm gonna go with Alzhiemer's.
    Really it was an edited, dumbed-down rehash of material written by Fred Franz and is an excellent Platonic ideal of its type. Antitypical this, Greater that.

  • TheListener

    As far as the WTS having an updated Revelation book - it doesn't. However, the WTS has been known to make editorial changes to their publications before reprinting them. For example, the Reasoning book was changed slightly (whether sodom/gomorrah would be ressurected) when it was reprinted in 1989. No announcement is usually made when small changes of this nature occur when reprinting a publication. That's why some Daniel books have slighlty different wording.

    So, it is entirely possible for the Revelation book to have had a minor makover in the necessary areas to make it ready for restudy. I'll bet an announcement to get a new copy for the study, as usual, will be made before January 2007.

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