Revelation-Its Grand Climax at Hand!

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  • RevFrank

    I got a kick out of it..especially when the wt startes saying that Jesus is the Angel of the bottomless pit....Abaddom--which they say is Jesus

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  • Kudra

    Sometimes I have a Grand Climax by, uh, I mean AT Hand...

  • PopeOfEruke


    that damn link of yours just tried to install a trojan on my PC!

    Mods - can you please remove that link from the post? Ta!


  • ozziepost


    I have deleted out the link - as you can imagine, I didn't risk checking it! but if the deletion of the link is felt unwarranted, Rev Frank may wish to reinstate it. Thanks.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I don't know if anybody has mentioned this yet, but a reprint of this book HAS allready been made . It's now softcover. There have been NO changes or updates as far as I know. The front of the book dosn't reveal any 'new' edition. I really don't think they want to change it. They would have to reprint millions of books. They rather just go with what they got. Mabyee there will be an update booklet.

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