Funny (and sometimes annoying) things your pets do.

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  • outbutnotdown

    I have two cats. Brother and sister. Good cats and I love 'em, but the male cat is REALLY clingy.

    It's usually no problem, but EVERY time I answer the phone, the male cat immediately jumps on my lap, demanding attention.

    It makes it really challenging when I am at the computer, attempting to search files, etc. for information on the topic at hand while he is doing this..... and it doesn't matter how many times I put him down, he just keeps jumping back up.

    And don't get me started with the problems it causes during the phone sex.

    But seriously, what odd things do your pets do?


  • bem

    My sons cat Hunny is a sweet heart only very spoiled, she will not leave anything lying on the tables, coffe table end tables she pushes everything off in the floor, last night we were working on a puzzle at the dining room table and she wanted on the table so bad she tried several times to jump up on it even though she really gets into trouble for getting on that table.

    If she hears someone at the door she has to get to it first and she has to be moved to open the door.

    The kids even leave messages for her on the answering machine.

    Oh and she wakes me up every morning about two minutes before the alarm clock goes off.


  • lisavegas420

    One year we had christmas bells hanging on the front door. I guess the cat noticed that everytime the bells rang, the door opened. So he started standing on his back legs, and hitting the bells over and over, then he'd sit and stare at the door. He did this over and over, we then realized he was waiting for the door to open.

    Soooo after christmas, we left the bells on the door for years, When ever he wanted to go out, he would ring the bells and sit and stare at the door until it was opened.

    He lived for 14+ years, he passed on earlier this year.

    lisa *runs back in to wave to bem*

  • Stephanus

    Timmy the cat likes to have a piece of whatever we're having. But, in keeping with the black and white tux he wears, he's a very refined eater. He tries to act like the tough wild beast, by dragging the food off to his personal space, "his den", but then he daintily nibbles a piece off, and then leaves, only to keep returning later, until he's finished.

    He also learned that launching himself at the screen door makes a very satisfyingly loud knock.

    He will often lie in a spot where people keep walking past; if you walk past him too many times without acknowledging him, he'll reach out and grab you.

  • outbutnotdown

    LOL.... Timmy the cat seems cute.

    My cats make quite the ruckuss downstairs sometimes, loud enough that it seems that people are wrestling on the floor. I snuck down and watched them for awhile one time.

    They would stand at opposite corners of the recroom and run at each other, full speed, each leaping into the air and crashing into each other belly-first, then falling to the ground. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

    I think I know how Andre the Giant was reincarnated now.


  • juni

    Same irritation happens to me as you Brad. Though I have a 7 mo. cocker spaniel.

    On the computer - she has to bring in her balls and "lose" them under the desk. She finds trouble in the other room so I have to get up and find out what she's up to. Though, like right now, she fell asleep on the bed behind me. Yes!!!!

    On the phone - wants me to throw the ball constantly. Or else she climbs on my lap and gets between me and the phone.

    At night - she's jealous when my husband and I kiss goodnight. Has to crawl in between - but we push her back.

    We love her, but she can be so annoying. She has to be reminded where her place in the family is.


  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Bebu (named after Bebu on this board because I *love* that name!) growls when she hears the pitter patter of Bebbus Kittis's feet on the downstairs tile. She hates her, even when she's not in the room. When Bebbus Kittis jumps on the bed, Bebu growls and screams like a wildcat and jumps off the bed and runs out of the room, tail swishing, and eyes flashing.

    Bumpus, our 11 pound male cat who is about 11 months old, jumps up on his hind feet and puts his arms aroung your neck and gently bites your chin. He purrs so loud that the vet can't hear his heart beat. He was even purring recently when we took him to the vet and they put the thermometer in his hiney.. LOL! We call him the million dollar cat because he recently got sick from something, and they kept testing him for this and that, and I could hear the "Ka-Ching!" of a cash register each time the vet called and said the test was negative, and they'd next want to test for this or that. Yikes! It cost a small fortune, but I am glad to say that he is almost back to his old self after some antibiotics.

    Gia, our "Bebbus Kittus" I got from the Siamese Rescue, is an interesting meow-meow. She is ADHD and constantly, 24/7, has to be walking around on you, shredding toilet paper in the bathroom, drinking coffee out of my mug, lacerating my feet and toes with her claws as they move under the covers, standing in front of the television, standing on my book or magazine as I am reading, catching mice and bringing them into the bed, and standing on the keyboard. hehhehe.

    I have a parrot named Gussie that can make the sound of the phone ringing. I've learned to wait for a second ring on the real phone so that I know that the phone is really ringing, that's how real she sounds. Sometimes she repeats the noise in the right time sequence and I end up answering the phone to find no one there. She also makes the sound of the fire alarm, which is excrutiatingly LOUD and grates on my nerves. One parrot, Astrid, SCREAMS when we put the dishes away out of the dishwasher. Guess she likes the sound of the clinking glass. Who knows.

    I love all my pets, but yes, sometimes they get on my nerves. But.. so does my husband. Heh.


  • Nosferatu

    I have two cats. I've had them for 7+ years.

    The older one was a second-hand cat. When my ex got him, he had a scab on his face from being bitten by a dog. She felt so sorry for him and cuddled him (even though he hated it). We soon discovered that asshole cat probably deserved to be bitten. He isn't afraid of dogs, and has fun picking on them.

    Rotten bastard had the bad habit of going on the table and counters. I worked at putting an end to it. Instead, he learned not to get caught.

    The worst was when he figured out how to open the fridge door and help himself to whatever he wanted. I'd come home and find a package of ham laying on the floor with the corner nibbled on. The biggest surprise was when he had pulled the entire pot of left-over Thanxgiving turkey out of the fridge - UNSPILLED.

    I used to hide catnip in the freezer until he got in there too. I came home and found catnip all over the floor, and two cats with very dialated pupils.

    ...and don't get me started on the family of rabbits he killed! He was the neighbourhood bully, and beat up any cat that came close to him.

    The funniest thing about this cat is his sleeping positions. He'll sleep on his back, legs spread wide open, and you'd wonder if he was dead.

    Now, onto his lover. She was an abandoned kitten when I got her. Ironically, she's the same color as him - black. She was the first, and only cat that the older one got along with. Probably because she wasn't fixed (although he was). She'd scream like hell when those two were having sex.

    There was one time when he wanted some action, but she didn't. He tried mounting her, but she wouldn't co-operate. So, he picked her up by the scruff of her neck, and dragged her into the other room. I never knew cats had a sex life until that point.

    I remember when my ex and I were finished having sex, we came out of the room to find her ripping apart a maxi pad! I don't get it, it was a brand new maxi pad. I think cats know more than we think.

    I had bought a stuffed toy for my ex when she was having a bad day. It was frequently stolen from the bedroom, and we found little miss kitty getting some action from it!

    Anyway, that was in their prime. They're much older now and have calmed down.... some. They hate each other's guts now since I got the female fixed. They fight like an old married couple. Perhaps they copied my parents, since they did live with them for a while.

  • Finally-Free

    Rocco is fond of "people food" as well as his own. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but he likes it best when it's already chewed for him. So if I'm eating while he's on my shoulder he's got to have some. He's not shy about sticking his beak into my mouth and taking it himself if I get a little slow delivering it to him. He's also fascinated by my teeth and my nostrils, and tries to chew them regularly.


  • target

    our little dog mothers everything, especially the guinea pig. she puts her chin on top of him to protect him. One day I saw her on the patio with her chin on the cement and I knew she had something. I lifted her chin and there was a June Bug she was mothering.

    We had a Siamese cat that mothered the hamster and our baby rabbits.

    And Rocky, our Corgi mix dog lies on his back and jerks himself up off the floor several times when his back is apparently bothering him.


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