Funny (and sometimes annoying) things your pets do.

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  • kls

    Dog through a screen door,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Not funny JH

    Snoozy,ain't nuttin like a butt sniffer to welcome folks,,,,,,,lol

  • arwen

    We have a large Newfoundland dog. We had a SUV with a metal gate across the back where the dog would be. Sometimes we would stop for a bite to eat and the dog would be in the back. After a while we would look out and the dog would be sitting in the driver's seat. I have no idea how that 120 pound dog could get through that metal gate to the front. She loves going for drives and if a car door is left open or the back door of the Jeep is open she will find her way in. My son takes her for a drive around the block in his van wherever he comes for a visit. She loves that. I have to put balloons on the furniture to keep her off. She is terrified of them.

  • wozadummy

    <------- My dog gets jealous of the grand children and jumps on my lap to claim her turf B4 they do!

  • snarf

    I have a dachsund and he is the sweetest lil thing. He LOVES to lick feet though, and I hate it. I think he senses this so everytime he walks by he licks my feet. He is a walk by licker...ewwwww!

    My daughter has a cat, and the cat must think she is its mom, so she goes to her dads evry other weekend, so while she is away, the cat constantly meows throughout the house looking for her until she comes home.

  • Satanus

    My girl cat who is fixed humps a piece of sponge, does a little yowl at the end.


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