Some apostates are more equal than others...

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  • beautifulisfree
    Is their a hierachy among apostates - between those who were brought up Witnesses and those who converted to the Witnesses?

    No~ Why would there be? I was raised a witness but would never put my self in a different class then someone who wasn't. I am just glad that they're out whether they've been in for their whole life or got baptized last weekend.

  • slimboyfat

    But I must admit, that those who were brought up Witnesses and left tend to be smarter than us dummies who chose to join.

    Just my obsirvashun

  • Fleur

    I for one don't look down on anyone no matter if they've ever been a dub or not, regardless if they were raised in.

    My grandmother, the dearest person in the world to me, brought my family into the religion back in the 40's. Including converting her own parents.

    I loved her more than any human on earth until the day that she died (now I love her even more) I never blamed her for bringing the family in and I never thought she was anything less than brilliant.

    So that's my perspective. People who become dubs are smart, good hearted, trusting, and get screwed. End of story.


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Sorry for getting the wrong end of the stick sbf, it just seemed to read that way and you'd clarified your point while I was typing my reply (I'm sooo slow!).

    I think the 'brighter' ones feel it is more a priviledge to be able share what they have learnt with others and hopefully bring others to the truth.

    Seriously though, referring to my last post - do you think the thought that they might be 'looking down' on others might be a matter of perspective, that it is the 'less intelligent' one who actually feels inferior in some way, maybe kicking themselves for 'being old enough to know better' and still joining the WTS? (= more guilt too?)

  • dido

    SBF i don`t know how you can make such a sweeping statement like that. I don`t class myself as being less intelligent than some that were born and bred. I went in at 23, and at the time was convinced that it was the truth, the answer to the worlds problems etc. The only difference between those that were brought up in it, is that they have suffered more than those that weren`t!

  • NewYork44M
    they never chose the Witnesses, but were dragged up in it

    Most people, including myself, ultimately choose to be a witness.

    I have never noticed elitism associated with being raised in the "truth." I am not sure what purpose there is to propose that some feel they are more equal.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo
    us dummies who chose to join.

    I think you just answered my question there! (while I was still typing - again lol!!)

    You know, making a mistake, no matter how big it is doesn't make you a 'dummy' It's just the way life is, you gamble, you win or lose.

  • minimus

    Slim, I see your point. I've always said that if a Witness came to my door, I would've been a "Do Not Do". I know that I only was a JW because of my "heritage".

  • HadEnuf

    I was raised a JW. I don't look down on anyone who chooses to leave the JW's...whether they were born into it or joined in some other way. I just think they're all pretty smart. And I think I'm pretty clever too. HA!

  • juni
    But I must admit, that those who were brought up Witnesses and left tend to be smarter than us dummies who chose to join

    Not true at all Slim. It all comes down to our choice. Those raised as JWs had no choice at the time, but when they can they can choose to leave. Those of us who were not raised as JWs made a choice to become JWs, but we also when we choose to leave can.

    No one is smarter or less intelligent. It's a personal thing. Some are very good on the Board to be able to pull up resources from the Internet, etc. or their memories are good. Others contribute their experiences and what they remember.

    All of us are a source of inspiration to others who are examining their beliefs. And this is good. Like the scripture says, "Make sure of all things; hold fast to what is fine."


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