Is This Kind of Behavior at a Concert Acceptable?? Need Your Opinions.

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  • OpenFireGlass

    Hey Seeker4,

    got that last post in before you responded.. No offence is taken(I mean who the hell am I to get offended on your thread?)

    Fourtunatly for me, I was only giving you my opinion you asked for in your title...

    Get over yourself and get the hell out of the way. You're not that great a dancer.

    it's not about: "I'm such a great dancer", it's about, "the music is so good i can't help myself from dancing"

    Peace, Mike

  • OpenFireGlass
    Nothing like it, especially when the musicians are playing REAL instruments! Gives me goose bumps! My friends called me the one that didn't have to be high to know good music. Does that make me weird?

    I agree... believe it or not I experience that to without cannabis... but for me, the cannabis definatly takes it to the next level(so to say)....

    You have to realize that when I left home at 17, I followed the Grateful Dead until 95 when Jerry died... Live Music was my life....

  • Seeker4

    "I actually like to look at 100 dancing asses..."

    Gary, another one of my heroes here. These dancing asses that I was looking at - they would really have taken some intense appreciation. Not so much asthetic appreciation, as just ass appreciation in general. Big, W I D E, flat, flabby, etc. You would have to be in the Will Roger's "I've never seen an ass I didn't like" category, which is a sad, sad space to be in.

    Garcia and David Grisman - OK.

    Garcia with the Grateful Dead - just plain bad music. You would have to be stoned to like that shit. ENDLESS solos. Meandering, repetitive, clueless, where-did-my-musicianship-go....

    The best advertisement to not do pot - the Grateful Dead. Any real musician knows how much they sucked.

    Sorry - no GD fan here.


  • TresHappy

    I've probably been to 50 concerts in my lifetime (my first was Cat Stevens and my latest was Glen Campbell) and I can tell you people standing happens at every concert. When you're on the floor, you can't see a thing, but if you sit in the balcony, most people sit. At Paul McCartney in 2002, there were guards around so you couldn't too close to the front. I remember one concert my friend couldn't see the performer so she literally kicked the girl standing in her way. I almost died laughing if I hadn't been so high because of the pot smokers around us!

  • blondie

    We have found that no matter what the age of people or the age of the performer, people who sit in the seats on the floor tend to stand up; so if you want to see the person you have to stand up unless you are at one of those concerts that have those big screens on either side of the stage. Then it is like watching it on a big screen TV at home and why pay the big bucks. We have learned to get seats at a higher level and closer to the railing or edge of a section. It doesn't sound like you were at that type of venue, S4. It is frustrating; newspaperman or not, I would have complained and asked for a refund. I don't see why you can't put something on the opinion/editorial page as a private citizen.

    Blondie (who tries to also get seated in the disabled section, because she is disabled)

  • Odrade

    The one good thing about concerts performed in classical venues, the ushers will make you behave so others can enjoy the show. LOL!
    so... if I'm reading this right, your real complaint is that there was no consideration shown for the people who were seated, watching the show at a venue where the tickets being sold were for a seated affair. Rather, these dopes just danced in the seats and in front of the stage, right in front of the view. If I read that right, I don't think you're over-reacting. They were totally rude. They could have danced at the edges of the tent or the side of the stage, and you still would have been able to see and enjoy the show.

  • Seeker4


    Thanks for the opinion. Just been giving back in-kind. No offense intended. I would LOVE to have you visit here. Can understand needing to dance at a concert. Just don't block my view!)

    Such a selfish bastard, me,

    S4:(McMurty's band is known as The Heartless Bastards - though they are incredible.) I've seldom heard a 3-man band that had such a remarkable and individualistic sound. Maybe U2. When you hear a song from them you never think, "Here's the guitar solo." It's just a continuation of the song. All part of the whole. McMurtry plays a part of the song - never a guitar solo. How can I explain that better?


  • MsMcDucket

    Darn that place for not having a "pit"! Tsk! They (the promotors) should of known that some people would want to get up and dance, esp. after dishing out $100 bucks. Heck, they didn't think that they were at the Carnegie, they thought that they were at the Grand Ol' Opry!

  • OpenFireGlass
    Garcia with the Grateful Dead - just plain bad music. You would have to be stoned to like that shit. ENDLESS solos. Meandering, repetitive, clueless, where-did-my-musicianship-go....

    Did you ever see experience a live performace at a GD show?... Were you able to get into the "Phill Zone" with the llight show, walking around watching all the beautiful girls dancing?... and the there is the "spinner" crowd in the hallways... I, mean these spinner people didn't do drugs, the pretty much would spin on there toes the entire show (not for me, but it's one of those life's experiences, ya know?).. like I said,: "guess ya had to be there"

    I wasn't one of those deadheads that just crumbled after Jerry died and over-dosed on heroin cause I couldn't live without the economy of that culture...

    I, mean I went into that experience fresh out of a JW family. My take on it was way different than most of the people I met on "Tour"... but none the less they were all nice people(the ones I met and camped with, and caravaned with...(imagine that.. "hippies" caravaning, so if someone broke down, there were others there to assist, or at least make sure everybody made it to the next show)

    None the less maybe if I never had that experience, I may have had a less ecclectic music collection... I mean, I can enjoy putting, Willy Nelson, Snoop Dogg, John Denver, Marylin Manson, and whatever else you might have layin' around, Hit Random and be set

    Just Sayin'

  • OpenFireGlass
    I would LOVE to have you visit here.

    Cool, just PM me where "here" is...and we'll hang out..

    Wait a minute, are you one of them "Intolerant" people, LittleToe is talking about in his thread?(intolerant of people who like to dance?) j/k

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