"You have a week to Move out" PLEASE HELP! I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!

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  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    you're 22

  • Odrade

    when I was 22, living in my parents home and having everything provided to me, (yeah, "princess" alright,) I was told I'd have 3 weeks to get out. I was out in a little less than two, with a new job and and apartment, in a different town. It took every penny I had to get into the place, but it was mine. You can do it, don't be a cop out and move in with the BF, expecting someone else to take care of you again. Grow some cojones (the fake kind for us girls. *wink*) Use this to your advantage and be a woman. Oh yeah, and what LDH said. Good advice LDH!

  • johnnyboi_us_ks

    Hey GirlFriend.~ Well question for ya, are you baptized? Publisher, ext???

    Obviously there has been some 1/1 coaching sessions from the elders on this one. C'mon it would take a lot of convincing from some brainwashing freak to convince me to throw one of my kids out (if i had any) even if they commited a crime. Let alone, lied about skipping a meeting.

    So here they have put you in this situation, kicked you out, and the only place you have to turn is a b/f... Then they will go back and tell the whole congregation (gossip - which they claim they do none of) "OH MY GOD SISTER PIONEER GOSSIP, DID YOU KNOW SISTER BRAINWASHED'S DAUGHTER IS LIVING WITH HER WORLDY BOYFRIEND"

    So my point was, who gives a fuck what they say, I got so sick and tired of their shit... And of course the elders will try hunting you down. So my advice, shun your parents the way they are going to shun you. Give them a taste of their own medicine... The only way you will ever be on their "good side" is to be at every single meeting, out in service every day, night, weekend,and happy hour, knocking on doors till your knuckles bleed! 45 minutes to work is not bad, I used to drive 1hr 15mins one way, cuz brother control freak said i had to live out in the middle of no where to "help out"... Take the bus if you can, don't give up a career, they want you to fail, so they can go back and tell all the kids, Look what happens when you leave the truth, you fail and have a miserable life.

    Not sure where you live, but in the US, if the elders harass you, you can file restraining orders, ext to keep them away.

    Hope some of this helps (sorry if I vented a little). You know, I thought my po dunk congregation was just the only one that was fucked up, so I moved to the bigger city, and dissapeared and just fell inactive... But so as my reading has opened my eyes, there is a very widespread " epidemic" ! GET AWAY while you can, nows your chance, and don't be scared! The world is not as doom and gloom as they portray it! But use caution, doesn't mean there are not wicked people in the world.

  • LDH
    stilla, hon, you have had a spoiled privleged life. you are really lucky your jws parents have allowed you to stay this long.

    Classic co-dependency.

    THEY CREATED THIS INTENTIONALLY STILLA so that you would feel dependent upon them, and look. You do.

    Be on guard that you do not follow this pattern of co-dependency into your relationships in the future.

  • Satanus

    Ldh makes a darn good mother. Ldh, would you have my kids?


  • wednesday


    lol not much gets past you.


  • nelly136

    the contacting a church advice sounds good, if you can get lodgings somewhere that you can learn to be independant that will probably help you in the long run.

    if your boyfriends place works out to be the only option for now then they will df you if they know youre living with him..........if they've thrown you out youre not obliged to tell them where youre lodging or who with...what they dont know about they cant df you for. get a mailbox and have your mail sent there instead of to his place.

    i'd also get my stuff moved out before they decide to take the car back. maybe you could get all your stuff out while theyre out or at work? cos if they realise you've got somewheres to go that will prolly be their next step just to make things a little harder.

    oh and before you leave clean out the puter youre using unless youre taking it with you, they will prolly have a good root around on that to see what you've been up to. someone here could prolly tell you how to do that properly.

    good luck stilla.

  • jwfacts

    Hi Stilla,

    I have been worrying that this time would come for you, though with all you have been doing I would never have expected you would get thrown out for something so trivial.

    You are 22, it is a good time for you to leave home. This is the next chapter of your life, embrace it. You will look back in time on this as one of the most amazing times of your life. It does not matter how much money you have, you are smart and will find a way.

    PS Now you can post your real picture, or give us a link to your modelling portfolio.

  • stillAwitness
    Scully: BTW, is Sister Moochalot still in your folks' house?

    She's turned our guest room into her own personal hotel room. We have not seen or heard from her in months but supposdly she's in mexico or something where the need is greater. I told my mom to get her stuff out and to let her know that she can't use our home as her own personal storage facility but of course my mom had nothing but nice things to say to our little pioneer friend. BLAH!

    Listen to all of us... look at all of us.... we've made it through all these hardships

    Yes you are right. When I look at it that way it makes me less scared.

  • Robdar

    LDH gave you some excellent advice. You need to pull yourself together, stand up straight and do exactly what she said.

    Good luck. Life is just beginning for you. It's gonna be grand!

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