Intolerance - a new breed of ex-JW

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  • luna2

    True enough, LT.

    I know that Its easy for me to get so caught up in my anger at both myself and what I perceive is the deceit of organized religion (the WTS in particular), that I can get carried away. I'd like to be kinder and gentler but it is a struggle. Sometimes the best I can do is to keep quiet.

    Its good to remember that other people don't feel the same way I do, and to realise that where I am now with what I believe may not be where I end up.

    My apologies if I have been overly rude, crude and offensive.

  • Fleur

    Hi there Little Toe.

    While you may find that a lot of Ex-jw's seem anti religion, I find that a LOT of my friends, whether or not they have ever been JW's, still try to preach their faith.

    I react VERY badly to this. I have an almost phobic reaction to being preached to no matter how the sermon is presented: and I have asked several Pagan friends who were really heavily trying to convert me after I announced that I didn't believe I was Christian anymore to please stop, that I respect their faith but I just don't want to discuss it.

    To me discussing religion is worse than trying to discuss your sex life. Both are so personal and intimate to me that I consider either subject off limits.

    My real friends understand this about me and do not get offended, we simply find other things to discuss. If that makes me intolerant...well maybe I'll grow out of it. I am respectful, but part of their respecting me means that for the most part, when I get together with friends, we check our religion and politics at the door.

    Have a happy sunday!


  • Honesty
    By all means enjoy some self-expression, it's a relatively free planet, but have a heart...


  • serendipity

    Thank you, LT!!!!

    People leave 'the truth' of the WTS and find some other kind of 'truth' and are just as dogmatic in their disbelief as they were in their belief. If people have learned nothing else from their JW experience, I would have hoped they learned tolerance and respect.

  • Robdar

    I would have hoped they learned tolerance and respect.

    Agreed. I think that the same should be asked of the believers too.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Hi LT and others

    I think many have a problem seeing the difference between the person and the beliefs, regardless what those beliefs are. I have seen (not just here but in other places) that people have a very hard time separating the two. I know there are times when I am sure of somethings and waver on so many others. But my beliefs are just my beliefs. They could be right or wrong or a bit of both or perhaps even neither.

    I think too often we think that what we believe defines who we are as a person. That certain is true of JWs. And if someone comes along and challenges the belief we may feel that it is who we are as a person that is challenged rather than the belief.

    It's hard to make that leap into realizing truth is what it is to that one person. As I am writing the chapters for the bio, I am contually reminding myself that the story is my story, my truth. Others may not, and some definitely will not, agree with my truth, my story.

    Perhaps if we find ways to remind ourselves that what a person believes does not define who they are, (my beliefs may change but I am still me), life and communication with others will be enriched instead of feeling attacked.

  • IW

    Beliefnet has religious debate forums and believers forums, that might be helpful here. That way those who want to declare their anger against God, Jesus and religion have a place to do so and those exJWs who want a place to discuss their beliefs without being attacked can do so also. Barring some kind of cosmic change in the exJW mindset, I think this may be the only way to ameliorate the problem somewhat. But in truth some discord and a little heated debate will always be a part of this board.

  • peggy

    ANYTIME we get LT, Terry and Trevor discussing, arguing or sharing on the same thread.......I'm happy!


  • mkr32208

    Lt; What you have to remember is that you are one of the good guys... ONE OF THE FEW! I don't know specifically who you are referring to. I do know that I have made my share of rants at the likes of brownhole and shiny one. Here's the rub though... THOSE A$$HOLES BEG FOR IT!

    I don't remember EVER going into one of your well worded thought provoking threads and screaming "god your a dip$hit!" I may say I disagree but thats a bit different! The same can NOT be said for some dill weed who says the things that shiny or brownhole (for good measure lets throw in defd and scholar) say every time they begin to type!

    So, sorry if it was me but I have no patience for f#%*tards!

  • trevor

    ANYTIME we get LT, Terry and Trevor discussing, arguing or sharing on the same thread.......I'm happy!

    Kind words Peggy. I am flattered to be named in the same breath as these people.

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