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  • DaCheech
    Sorry to be a jerk,

    Remember guys, how many times at assemblies we heard the experience of the farmer in Africa who had the dilemma of going to the assembly or picking their ripe fruit..... the experience said that the JW farmers went to the assembly and when they returned the neighbors farms were devastated by crows and the JW's were intact!

    You don't think that if an apostate was hit by a train on the return trip from a judicial committee, YOU WOULD BE THE BUT OF EVERY CONVERSATION FOR THE NEXT 10 years????

  • LDH

    I'm very sorry for their families. To think, it will make the local rounds as a "Get out of Jail Free" card and a direct transport to "Paradise."

    Doing the Lord's Work is one thing, but selling magazines for a manmade corporation and believing you are doing the Lord's Work is another thing entirely.


  • DannyHaszard

    Deadly Mid-South Train Wreck: Woman Dies at MED
    Eyewitness News Memphis, USA - 7 hours ago
    ... the MED. Family members say the four were Jehovah's Witnesses who were canvassing the area to let others know about their faith.

    Three Teens Killed in Fayette County Train Wreck Posted: 6/10/2006 8:38:52 PM

    Eyewitness News has learned that three girls were killed when a train hit a car Friday afternoon in Fayette County. It happened in Moscow, Tennessee at the intersection of Highway 57 and Liberty Road.

    Police say the girls were 13, 16, and 19. Their names are not being released at this time. A fourth person was critically injured in the crash.

    Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the accident .

  • fullofdoubtnow

    It's always very sad to hear of anyone being killed in an accident, especially young ones. I feel for their families.

  • bigmouth

    "They say all four victims were wearing their seat belts"!!

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Very sad indeed.

    I have personally known of four persons killed the same way. Two of them were witness lads, out pioneering. The Witness funeral was large - it was sad indeed. I was but a youth myself.

    The other was my cousin and his close friend. Stalled on the track while drunk. My cousin was passed out and his buddy was seen trying to pull him from the truck a moment before they were both killed.

    God did not invent trains or crossings. He does not prevent the inevitable happenings in those places. Trains always win that battle.

    Condolences to the families if any view this board.


  • sixsixsixtynine

    A tragic accident is a tragic accident - even if we disagreed with what they were doing that day. No wise dub ever claims divine protection - life had proven that to false from time to time
    Another case of God getting credit for everything good, but never getting blamed for the bad

    Why blame god because this girl maybe stalled her car? Conversely , Why credit God if she had got it going in the nick of time? I never thought like that even when I was a dub.

    Remember the examples of the pioneer who "trusted in Jehovah to provide", and got a keen job cleaning offices?

    Or what about the African Witness who went to the meeting, while the rest of his village was wiped out by a machete wielding mob?

    Was their any doubt in your mind, that it was implied that Jehovah had a direct hand in these types of scenarios?

    But what about these four Witnesses killed while doing Jehovah's work? What will the spin be? "Time and unforseen occurance befall us all".

    Typical Witness doublespeak.

  • Nosferatu

    Whenever I hear stuff like this, I just can't help but wonder if one person makes a sacrifice so others can skip living in this "wicked world" and immediately enter into the "new system of things". Perhaps that's why the driver drove in front of the train.

  • blondie
    Perhaps that's why the driver drove in front of the train.

    I'm assuming that it was an accident, not a suicide.


  • Jourles
    The driver of the vehicle, 19-year-old Phyllis Barbee of Somerville remained in critical condition yesterday at the Regional Medical Center at Memphis. Johnson's husband, Tommie Johnson, told The Commercial Appeal his wife and Jones, who were sisters-in-law had been full-time Jehovah's Witness ministers for more than 30 years. Barbee became a full-time minister last year.

    And you know this sister was "encouraged" to become a regular full-time pioneer right out of high school instead of going to college.

    I think Lisa said it best:

    Doing the Lord's Work is one thing, but selling magazines for a manmade corporation and believing you are doing the Lord's Work is another thing entirely.

    Just think of the lives that would have been saved if Phyllis would have went off to school. She likely wouldn't have been anywhere near those tracks.

    What a waste.

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