Picture of my kids,,,,,brag a bit

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  • LyinEyes

    The girl in the glasses is my daughter Kelly , she is 13 and a Goth, she is so unique and such a strong free spirit. She wants piercings and tatoos, but it aint happening till she is 18.

    The young man is my son Jake, 19 on prom nite in his limited edition Calvin Klein tux, looks like a Soprano huh?He plans to go to college in the fall.

    The other young girl holding the ferret is my Sister Ginger's daughter Amber, 17, I am so proud of her strength and I am blessed with another daughter with her.

    The boy on the end is my Chance, he is 11 and loves to fish, ride go carts, four wheelers, and wants to be a be a firefighter, like now!! He is the one who scares me.

    I love them all and I am proud of them .

    What about yours? If you dont want to post a picture you can brag anyway......hehe.

  • Sunnygal41

    They are GORGEOUS!!! No wonder you are proud, hon!!!

  • Lo-ru-hamah


    You kids are beautiful. They really make it all worthwhile don't they.

    I have one and he is such a character. He is 3 years old and I am already worried about him being a ladies man. He is constantly saying that he thinks some girl is sexy. Quite a riot.

    Congratulations on your son attending college in the fall. They must all make you very proud.


  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing them.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Yup That's what keeps us going

  • Broken Hearted
    Broken Hearted

    LyinEyes what a beautiful family. I understand the loving them all and being proud of them. All five of mine are different ( as it should be) and I Can't explain the love i have for each and none of them has more than the other. I remember being pregnant with the second one and worrying how I could love another child as I did the first, It came so easy and natural that I continued to have more. I would to this day have more If I could, Oh well guess it is getting time for that grandma thing.

    Here are my Five woderful children. ages 20, 18, 16, 13, and 10

    Oldest is in the white, She just got engaged on Monday, The 2nd oldest and daugher waiting for a double lung transplant is in the cap and gown she graduated May 22 and starts college in the Fall. My oldest son in the back and will graduate high school next year and is in the top 2 of his class, Then there is the 13 year old daughter who is wearing the glasses and will be in 8th grade, and finally my baby ( 11 in aug) is in the front. Then man on the end is my Ex husband and father to the last 4 children. I do not have photo shop to crop him out lol well without him would not of had them so i guess I will deal with him in pic


  • fullofdoubtnow

    LyinEyes, they are georgeous, no wonder you're proud.

    Brokenhearted, I can't see any pics . I'm afraid. Try hosting them on tinypic.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Dede, I can see good looks run in the family. With a mother like you and a dad like your husband, they'll be fine, even your firefighter and Goth girl.

  • JH

    Nice looking bunch Dede

  • lisavegas420

    What a beautiful family...thanks for sharing with us Dede.

    Now lets see a family picture with everyone together...not nearly as easy as it sounds.


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