** July 15 WT: Do NOT murmur against the "faithful and discreet slave" **

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  • truthseeker

    It's curtains for the Watchtower. Seriously.

    They have finally published what many of us here have known for a long time.

    The July 15, 2006 Watchtower has three study articles, the second one will be of intense interest. It is directed at those who murmur against Jehovah's organization AND primarily

    the "faithful and discreet slave."

    In times past, the WT would often include articles on not "murmuring" which only spoke about some complaints a person may have on the way Jehovah's organization did things. But they

    would never specifically say that these murmurings were about the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses. Only the main paragraphs dealing with this issue will be shown here, along with


    The last paragraph of the first study article, entitled "Keep Free From Murmurings" says the following:

    23 Appreciation for all the spiritual blessings we receive as worshippers of the true God, Jehovah, will help us to promote unity

    and avoid murmuring against others in personal matters. The next article will show how godly qualities will prevent us from

    engaging in an even more dangerous form of murmuring - that is, murmuring against the earthly part of Jehovah's organization.

    SIDE NOTE: Is it any wonder that the Drama for the 2006 District Convention was on Rejecting An Independent Spirit?


    "We will certainly be satisfied with the goodness of your house." - Psalm 65:4

    3 Faithful Israelites supported the arrangements made for true worship at the house of God. As present-day servants of Jehovah, we similarly support

    provisions for worship within the earthly part of Jehovah's organization...Ours is not a spirit of complaint. Instead, we focus on the goodness of God's

    organization. Have you thought about the many good things for which we can truly be grateful? Let us consider some of them.

    new subheadings

    Grateful for Those Taking The Lead (paragraphs 4-7)

    Those Taking The Lead Are Imperfect (paragraphs 8-12)

    "This Speech Is Shocking"

    13 Whereas some in the first century murmured against appointed servants, others were murmurers against Jesus' teachings. As recorded at John 6:48-69,

    Jesus stated: "He that feeds on my flesh and drinks my blood has everlasting life." Upon hearing these words, "many of his disciples...said: "This speech

    is shocking; who can listen to it?" Jesus was aware that "his disciples were murmuring about this. Moreover, "owing to this many of [them] went off to the

    things behind and would no longer walk with him."

    (This is the interesting part)

    14 In modern times, a very small number among God's people have become disgruntled with some aspect of Christian teaching and have murmured against the

    earthly part of Jehovah's organization. Why does this happen? Such murmuring is often caused by a lack of understanding of God's way of doing things. The

    Creator progressively reveals truths to his people. Hence, our understanding of the Scriptures is bound to be refined from time to time. The vast majority of

    Jehovah's people rejoice over such refinements. A few become "righteous overmuch" and resent the changes. Pride may play a role, and some fall into the trap

    of independent thinking. Whatever the reason, such murmuring is hazadrous, since it can draw us into the world and its ways.

    SIDE NOTE: Yeah, right. This is in fact a FRANK admission that the Internet is working against them. How many "rejoiced" over the 1914 Generation change? Liars.

    15 Emanuel, for instance, was a Witness who found fault with some of the things he read in publications of "the faithful and discreet slave." (Matthew 24:45) He

    stopped reading our Christian literature and eventually told the elders of the local congregation that he no longer wished to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Within a short time, however, Emanuel came to realize that the teachings of Jehovah's organization were correct after all. He contacted the Witnesses, admitted

    his mistake, and was reinstated as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. As a result, he again became a happy man.

    SIDE NOTE: Emanuel returns to his vomit? Why do you think some would do this?

    16 What if we are tempted to murmur because of having doubts about certain teachings that Jehovah's teachings have in common? Then let us not be impatient.

    The "faithful and discreet slave" may eventually publish something that answers our questions and clears up our doubts. It is wise to seek the help of Christian

    elders. Prayer, personal study, and association with fellow believers can also help to remove doubts and deepen our appreciation for the faith-strengthening Bible

    truths we have learned through Jehovah's channel of communication.

    Is it really wise to seek the help of Christian elders if having doubts? I Think I See poster can testify that it is not wise to do this.

    18 Instead of murmuring about things in the congregation, we do well to maintain a positive attitude and follow a routine that keeps us busy, joyful, reverent

    balanced and healthy in faith. Jehovah is in control of everything within his organization, and Jesus is aware of developments in each congregation, just as he

    was in the first century. Patiently wait on God and Christ, the Head of the congregation. Responsible shepherds may be used to correct matters that need to

    be adjusted.

    So, if something goes wrong, and children get molested, it must be Jehovah's fault right? Because that's what they're saying - Jehovah is in control of everything.

    Keep yourselves busy, yeah, so busy you have no time to think how the organization is ruining people's lives. God, they're desparte.

  • truthseeker

    Such frank admission that "a very small number among God's people" are murmurers is a REAL eye-opener.

    For the first time, they are admitting that these people are not disfellowshipped or disassociated but are part of Jehovah's people right now.

    This means that they must be monitoring sites like this, where hundreds, if not thousands of active witnesses are either lurking or posting.

    Just think of the information that the "small number of God's people" have released.

    1) District Convention Manual

    2) District Convention talk outlines, for this year, before they even started!

    3) MP3 and video recordings of Kingdom Ministry Schools

    4) BOE letters

    5) Elder's manual

    and other damaging information.

    Now would this article, so blatant about their role as "Jehovah's channel of communication" be addressed to elders or publishers or both? Could this be in anticpation of the recent Bethelite departures, in case they too start "murmuring?"

    Really, the society is openly shooting itself in the foot. First they give a demo at last week's DC on a brother searching the web for JW relief efforts in Louisiana, who stumbles on "negative talk about the Governing Body" and then they openly admit there are dissenters within their ranks.

    It's clearly the end game for these sickos. While the majority of dubs will read and study this and think "who", those in the know can and should be pleased with themselves - the work is getting done.

    Is it just me, or does this article have a "Rutherford" tone to it?

  • LyinEyes
    Really, the society is openly shooting itself in the foot. First they give a demo at last week's DC on a brother searching the web for JW relief efforts in Louisiana, who stumbles on "negative talk about the Governing Body" and then they openly admit there are dissenters within their ranks.

    In the demo,,,,,,,,how did they end that? Did the Brother, unplug his computer, exit the site right away, go talk to the elders? Really how did they end that demo?

  • truthseeker

    An excerpt from Steve Hassan:

    My mind control model outlines many key elements that need to be controlled: Behavior, Information, Thoughts and Emotions (BITE). If these four components can be controlled, then an

    individual's identity can be systematically manipulated and changed. Destructive mind control takes the 'locus of control' away from an individual. The person is systematically deceived

    about the beliefs and practices of the person (or group) and manipulated throughout the recruitment process — unable to make informed choices and exert independent judgment. The

    person's identity is profoundly influenced through a set of social influence techniques and a "new identity" is created — programmed to be dependent on the leader or group ideology. The

    person can't think for him or herself, but believes otherwise.

  • truthseeker

    Lyin eyes, I was there to see the demo.

    The brother said, "What's this? Negative talk about the Governing Body? I'm outta here. I think I'll go to the official website of Jehovah's Witnesses."

  • Highlander

    Very interesting WT articles lately.

    I think there's no doubt that information and the WT's lack of control of said information is their achilles heal.

    The WT may win a few battles, such as DF'ing a member, here and a member there, but in the long run, our consistent effort to inform people will win this war.

    If the WT did indeed have the truth, then they should be willing to get on their 'soapbox' and allow question after question from unbelievers. If it were the truth

    then it would withstand any type of critical thinking or questioning of doctrines.

    But we are no longer fooled. The WT is afraid.. so very afraid. They see the proverbial 'writing on the wall'

    I'm comfortable knowing we lose a few battles here and there, but I'm comfident, we will win this war!

  • darcy

    ooh... maybe I really am in hot water.

    ooh hoo... fun fun

  • blondie

    I was a JW for some time; I remember the fallout of 1975, the decreases in 1977-1979, the 1981 Great Apostasy........the WTS said very similar things.

    What other things have happened:

    1990--change to the "donation" arrangement

    1995--1914 generation doctrine ends

    1995--separation/judging of sheep and goats still future, shortly after GT starts

    1996--civilian service now a "conscience" matter after years of prison for many JWs

    1999--disgusting thing (UN) did not stand in a holy place in 1919 as the WTS had said for 80 years

    2000--blood fractions now allowed (after 55 years of sanction for the use of)

    As the WTS chips away at its base doctrines, older JWs are disillusioned and slow down, younger JWs just fade away. The rank and file are less "obedient" and express their feelings by not donating.

    The WTS sees the handwriting on the wall, they must adapt or continue to shrink. The fewer people, the less money. And as Lady Lee said elsewhere, when it comes to the WTS, follow the money to get the real picture.


  • truthseeker

    Good insights Blondie.

    I think they are terrified because the writing is already on the wall - in the boardroom.

    They must get thousands of letters each year questioning their role as "Jehovah's channel of communication."

    whoever opens these letters, I wonder, how can you not see it?

    At long last, things are happening and 2006 is a BIG year now. I never thought these days would arrive, but they are here. One can only watch as the leaning tower of Pisa finally falls.

  • jwfacts

    Hi Darcy and welcome. Your comments bring a smile to my face.

    I have no doubt that you will not be a JW for long. Depending on your degree you will learn at college to examine all sides to every argument. Once you learn to do that it is impossible to stay a JW for long (hence the WTS being so against Uni and JWs being the religion with lowest number of degree qualified member in the US). You will quickly learn from this site or any other research you outside of a Watchtower that you do that the WTS teachings are simplistic and without any foundation.

    I used to be like you. Loving life, full of life, went to Uni full time whilst regular pioneering, back in the days when it was 1000 hours a month.

    Once you realise how you were deceived you will loose your happiness until you leave and start living a life based on reality and who you really are.

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