My 1st time in a KH

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  • luna2

    BOE = Body of Elders

    Its a screwed up, sexually repressed religion all right. However, many JW couples do not follow all the directives from the Watchtower Society regarding their sex lives. Smarter people than I was, that's for sure.

  • greendawn

    They usually love bomb people that attend the KH for the first time in order to give the impression that they are a Christian society full of love and interest for their fellow man, but that will rapidly cool off as one becomes interested in their religion.

  • juni

    I have a suggestion Florida lady -

    Have you ever thought of telling your story on Jerry Springer Show?

    You would get a lot of sympathy there.


  • jgnat

    In this case, greendawn, our florida native DID NOT receive a love-bombing. Myself, it's been spotty. Sometimes I've been mistaken for the speaker's wife and gotten the local gossip. Other times, when I am with my husband, they determine that we are a visiting "brother and sister", and have been ignored.

    When word got around that I was the "worldly" wife of one of their new "brothers", I was love-bombed. Invited out to BBQ's. Asked if I would like to start a home bible study. Asked for my home number. Asked what I did for a living. Petted and patted and told that I would "get used to it."

    After a few weeks, the attention became more frantic, then cooled off dramatically. If I'm not a potential convert, I'm dangerous.

  • wednesday

    Fl lady

    I could be wrong, but it seems like you may care more about this man than you are letting on. Either you showed up at the KH to scare him to death or you did so to find out what his "other" life is about. Maybe you think if you could fit into his other life, he would want you. Maybe you feel that if you could give him what his wife does and the "other" it would be perfect.

    Sounds like maybe you don't have a good marriage and you both are finding solace with each other. Maybe you feel he is your soul mate. If that is so, I feel for you, it is so sad to not be with the one you truly love .. this happens a lot at the KH, elders often have sisters on the "side" women they talk to, whether they are intimate sexually with them or not. People know about this stuff, even if they refuse to admit it.

    This happens so much, adultry is probably the number one (well right after fornication) that people are DF for. I even personally knew a bro who moved in a woman to live with his wife and him. it was a huge scandal way back when. both the wife and husband were fine with arrangement. this was way back in the wild and wooly 70'/80's. Before we knew about HIV.

    Often people cheat b/c they are not getting their needs met by their mate. Among jws this is bad, b/c they make getting out of a bad marrige so hard. I have seen so many sad marriages among JWS, people who should never be together, who should have divorced years ago, but they are together mainly b/c they are stuck They often end up hatingeach other. This happens less now than it used to , b/c the younger jws now just get out of these marriages and deal with the DF and move on. but it was very common a few years back.. They would be df if they leave the marriage. so they find a "ffriend" on the side. So people do end up leading this double life. Some people lead this life for a long time, I have heard of affairs that have gone on for 20+ years, the only way anyone ever found out was when the other woman showed up at the mans funeral.

    I have lived long enough that I have stopped judging others. I could not judge you, for one thing, I dont' have all the facts and I know there has to be more to this than you are stating.

    But I do know it is a sad life you are leading.


  • Free

    Do yourself a favor, check out these posts and STAY AWAY FROM THE KINGDOM HALL!! unless you want to stop growing as an individual. Trust me/us.

  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    To hell with all the advice your reading here. I say continue to go to the KH, preferably the same one your lover attends. Become a regular, request a study, become a publisher, answer comments, and get baptized. Serve Jehovah faithfully and drive your boyfriend nuts in the process. Your personal life with your family obviously must not be as important to you as you would lead us to believe otherwise not only would you have not begun this affair but you certainly wouldn't have stalked you lover to his kingdom hall.

    I think you would make a great JDub! Keep up the good work!

  • jaime

    "I have a suggestion Florida lady - Have you ever thought of telling your story on Jerry Springer Show? You would get a lot of sympathy there. Juni" I smelled bullshit from the get go. this is retarded troll bullshit. btw, 1st post, don't kick me off for guideline #3, I have a lot to offer.

  • juni

    Welcome jaime!

    You won't get "kicked off" for saying b.s. You'll always have a listening ear. And you'll have a lot of good laughs too. I can't stomach her whining and carrying on. To me - unfaithfulness in a marriage is the grand-daddy of all relationship problems. If one's marriage is not working then end it, have some time for yourself to know what you want and then if you decide to get involved w/someone else than go for it. None of this sneaky stuff.

    You could be right about her.


  • Dismembered

    It's another case of illegally "hiding the baloney, & playing patti-cakes." There can be hell to pay for that.


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